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I have collected incredible amounts of cross stitch magazines in my over 30+ years of cross stitching. I enjoy knitting, crocheting and cross stitch. In May 2011 I decided to make my dream of sharing my love of needlecrafts a reality and started the online shop, The Stitcher's Market along with hubby. My biggest hope is to pass on my love of stitching to my children. Let's face it, some one has to inherit all my stash. I am shy, but I truly appreciate everyone's comments and friendship. I am glad to help anyone who needs any stitching information. I love to have giveaways and share other bloggers giveaways, so please stop by often. Enjoy your stay!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Journalizing Your Stitching Projects

Looking forward to 2010 and thinking of how to make the stitching year special, I came across this which I want to share with all of you.


I think that it is a great idea. There are other wonderful articles in that blog that may interest you as well.

Sharing stitches....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yesterday's Joke

Yesterday I went to see my OB practice (you remember I go to high risk baby doctors who are a practice of six.... there is one that I truly love, he was my first OB there and I have seen him about 6 times, but they rotate you so you can meet all 6 that way if your OB is not available the day you deliver you still know the rest), so I got to meet another team member.

Me: Do you think I am going to make it to 39 weeks?

OB: Of course! Why? Don't you??

Me: Well, I am soooooo exhausted, I can barely function.

OB: Oh, you have nothing to worry about 43 is the new 33.

Me: Uh.. Uh.. I remember having my son at 33 and it was nothing like this. Someone has been lying to you.

LOL...... you had to be there to hear the joke and the laughter.... but I do say, I will not do this at 53. Uh uh.. no, no way. I pass on that one.

Funny stitches......

Gifts... Expected and Unexpected

With age I have become a very partial to the simpler gifts in life. My tastes are very specific and many people cannot ever figure out what to get me, so I have come to the conclusion that I buy what I like for myself whenever I see it and that is that. I don't call it a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, mostly is a blessing that I have found something that I like and I have the money to buy it. Whatever friends or family gift me at the holidays is a wonderful thing and I have no expectations.

This year, I remained the same and was pleased with the small items I received. They were thoughtful and I did need them so I was pleasantly surprised and had a wonderful Christmas. I must say, that it is not the gifts that make Christmas, it is the sense of warmth and family that make it Christmas for me. Having my son, hubby and baby-to-be at Christmas was good enough for me.

So, yesterday it was my sonogram day and I had expectations. My major expectation was to get a sonogram picture, preferrably 3D of my daughter. I expected it and I did not think it was a huge expectation especially since I am pregnant and at almost 33 weeks, I think that it is time to see her face. After 20 minutes of prodding, shaking and my becoming sorer and sorer it was evident that such a picture was not meant to be. My dear daughter had her back to me and her face buried near my spine and on top of my kidney. (No wonder I have had such a backache for 2 days.) How she manages to this is beyond me. The last time, she was facing my back with her feet in front of her face and her hands in fists in front of her feet. Where did she get so limber? Must be from hubby's side because I can barely sit in yoga position. Well, there went that gift expectation. Although I am glad that she is healthy and thriving daily. I guess she wants to surprise me with her beauty when she is born. I will have to wait.

Since I was not thrilled of not getting the picture that I wanted for so long, hubby asked me if I wanted to go to a "cuchifriteria" at 116 street and Spanish Harlem. A "cuchifriteria" is a restaurant where they serve Puerto Rican and Dominican fried foods. My son who cannot speak Spanish to save his life, knows what an "alcapurria" and "pasteles" are, so you know I love those. This offer was very unexpected because traffic in Spanish Harlem is horrible, parking is non-existent and the city traffic is a headache. I had not been there is about 20 years, so I was very tempted to go to the best "Cuchifriteria" in the city. There are only four that I know of, one in Delancey (closed down), one in Sunset Park, Brooklyn (very far), one in Fordham, The Bronx (haven't been there in at least 25 years) and the one in Spanish Harlem (far from us, but fairly near the hospital I will deliver my daughter in. So, this is not an offer I will refuse seeing that I will not be back in that area after March 2010). Maybe we will go once more prior to March, but after that it may be another 10 years before we go back.

By the way, an "alcapurria" is cooked and mashed green banana dough filled with ground beef and fried in hot oil. "Pasteles" are banana meat pies stuffed with pork which are boiled. Not many people like these cholesterol filled delicacies, but since I have not had them in practically a lifetime, I whole-heartedly said "YES".

$50.50 cents later I had bags filled with dozens of these concoctions and hubby and I are still enjoying them. I shared with my mom who hadn't seen any of these items in at least 30 years and she was shocked that the restaurant was still there. So that was her unexpected gift this year. That simple gift brought much joy to all of us.

Just thought I would share that part of my day with you.

Sharing stitches......

Friday, December 25, 2009

Magical Christmas to all!!

Christmas is here again and for us it means that it will be the last Christmas we will spend as a family of three. We look forward to the changes and remember the treasured Christmas we spent at Disney World two years ago. More than anything we want to share those experiences and make many more with our new addition for the rest of our lives.
So here is to Christmases past, present and future.
Merry Christmas to all!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's Christmas Eve and all is well!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Off to finish wrapping the presents and spreading good cheer!!
Warm and toasty stitches to all.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goals for 2010

So here I am thinking 2010 is just around the corner and I have not thought of any stitching goals. Half of me doesn't want to set goals because in the end so many things go unstitched. The other half of me thinks that setting goals will help clarify what I want to stitch in 2010 and will put me on track.

Right now I will go with the flow. Non-obligation stitching for me. I will stitch what I want when I want. I will not restrict myself to a timetable. I want to have fun stitching, even if it is only one really nice project that is completed next year, I will feel joy stitching it.

In my mind blogging and stitching should be enjoyable hobbies, not things one does because one has a timetable to follow.

My biggest goal for 2010 is to enjoy life and family. It is much to short to put on a timetable.

Happy stitches....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

HUGE THANK YOU to Two Wonderful people

Sometimes, people that one doesn't even know come into one's life with a wonderful surprise. I have had two wonderful ladies gift me out of the blue.

My first thank you goes to a lady that passed me a $10 coupon at Macy's when I was sitting off-line waiting for my hubby to purchase our little girls outerwear for when she comes home from the hospital. We picked up two great snowsuits at awesome prices. Those are really going to come in handy in the middle of winter.

The second thank you goes to a messageboard member that offered me her chart of a pattern I was looking for to make for next Christmas. In exchange I have agreed to offer a PIF / pass on something special on that messageboard. But I will do one better, I will also offer something on my blog as well. I just have to get somethings ready. Expect that PIF on this blog by the beginning of January.

These two gifts meant a lot to me because I am trying to spend most of our money on baby things since we are not expecting a baby shower. (Nothing to be sad about. I actually prefer that especially since I am feeling so tired all the time and really not in the mood to have any parties.) The most important thing for us is that the baby is healthy. That alone is the biggest blessing we can ask for.

Thankful stitches.....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting in Touch with my Feminine Side

Usually my favorite colors are black, gray, brown and anything that is very conservative. Well, these days, I am coming to appreciate lavenders, purples and pinks. Lacey things and hardanger items with ribbons are very pleasing to my eyes. I used to be very girly and feminine when younger, but as time passed, I fell into the conservative colors.....I guess, everyone goes through phases in life.

These days I am very lucky to be able to stay home and bake this little girl a bit longer. Hopefully some of this time will turn into cross stitching time because I am really upset with a purple sweater I am currently knitting. The pattern has an error in it and I am pretty upset, having done so much on it to see that it is a stitch off. So I am going to cool off by cross stitching.

Healthy stitches......

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm so excited

Well, the little one is kicking up at storm, but I can't help but feel so excited. To think that in 9 weeks or less she will be here and I will be a mom again. This just feels like the sun is going to shine brightly again.

My son will be a big brother, hubby will be a daddy again to a little girl. Just these things make life so great! Maybe I am sappy, but I can't stop thinking how blessed I am to become a mommy again.

Physically, I feel like a soccer ball that is being kicked relentlessly, but it's such a miracle to have her inside me and I just can't wait to see her in 9 weeks.

Thankful stitches......

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Knitting tips from me to you

So far I have only knit sweaters and a hat for my little girl. Thank God for that because all have been able to do shoppingwise is buy knitting yarn stash. If not for the sweaters I am knitting she would probably go naked. Okay, not naked, Daddy and I did get her 5 outfits and three pairs of socks, but really, things are pretty bad in the shopping department. Not because we don't have the money, but because I don't have the energy to look through all the items and stand for long periods of time. My legs are almost on strike. They take me 5 feet, no more until I am practically begging to sit. Believe me, I have sat on shop's floors with little embarassment because I can't continue to walk while my hubby searches for a stool or a chair for me to sit on.

We did not even dare to shop on Black Friday. Our first and only attempt was yesterday at 3:00 pm and after 15 minutes at Target, we lined up, paid for our minute purchases of 3 stocking stuffers and one pink velour hoodie for our baby girl.

Why so little and so late?? With my other pregnancies, we started early... pretty much as soon as we knew. This time the doctors were so negative and so cautious that all throughout the first trimester we were preparing for the worst everyday. By the way, that is a horrible way to live. Now, the docs (new docs) are confident I will make it to 41 weeks. How????? Well, she definitely excellently well, me, pretty much..... barely..... at this point, only knitting and sheer willpower get me through.

That is where the knitting tips come in. No, I am not going to lecture on the importance of a swatch. I don't make them. My reasoning is that I am making baby blankets and that I am making baby sweaters. If they are a tad big, that is an extra plus. Now, if I were making items for myself, or other adults, I would follow the exact measurements.

First tip: Easier cast on

If you are having issues casting on, use a crochet hook to pull the stitch through and then loop it around the knitting needle. I find this really useful when casting on aluminum circular needles.

Second tip: Count stitches

Count your stitches regularly. After you cast on, count at least twice. Once you finish your ribbing, count your stitches. Lastly, as your knitting progresses count regularly. I know that this is a pain, but stitch dropping is so easy even for experts. Sometimes, you drop a stitch, or forget a yarn over...... this is life, I know that you can count because we are counted cross stitchers. We still have to count when we knit.

Third tip: Look, look, look at your knitting

I know that you have probably counted all your stitches and think you are okay, but you also have to look at what you have knitted. Sometimes, life happens and a stitch is purled instead of knitted, a yarn over is missed, the pattern is coming out crooked and you don't understand why, so you have to rip LOTS of work which is painful. Instead, look every five or so rows and save yourself the pain of ripping.

Those are my life-learned tips that I am sharing with you. I may have read them once in a book and not paid attention to them. Now that I have lived through three sweaters, I have learned them and pass them on to you in hopes of saving you from the experiences I have gone through.

Once I find my camera, I will surely post some of my knitting for you.

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your day.

Serene stitches for all.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can anyone identify this pattern???

I came across this picture on a messageboard. I don't know anything about it other than it does look to be a fan or shell pattern.

Does anyone know anything about it? I would LOVE to crochet this one too.

Oyyyyy..... my hands have no idea what I am planning ... LOL ....

Happy stitching to all.......

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So now I feel really badly :((, but blessed.....

I just started looking and reading lots of blogs and I see how much I missed during my hiatus. There is LOTS to catch up on and I feel badly that I really missed so much. :(

What can I say?? Not much, really, only that I can try to do better in keeping up with all the cross stitch stuff and start stitching again.

I really do love everything that everyone has stitched. The new charts and kits coming out of Europe are truly divine. I must get online and purchase something.

Now that my daughter is coming, I must admit I am very much decided on monchromatic, romantic designs for her especially of angels. So, I will go into my French magazine stash and search and search for all the things that I want to stitch.

Well, things are not so bad really, I did spend this time resting and there was not much else that I could do except rest and knit. Right now I do have one sweater that is almost pieced together. I did crochet another. I have about three blankets going strong and one cupcake hat to show for all the time I was away.

I will start going to the doctor every two weeks now. There are about 80 more days to go. Unfortunately, I can not say that I LOVED being pregnant. I can say that I KNOW it is all worth it. I am happy that things are going well for the baby and that she has grown immensely during this time. I am thrilled that I will have a daughter once these 9 months are over. I am thrilled that I am going to be a mother again. I am soooooo excited that I was able to have another baby. Things are so cheery and wonderful for me, except the fact that I am tired all the time and I barely have enough energy to walk 6 feet without having to sit down and rest. My asthma flared up badly and I was on many medications to control it. Still trying to control the angry monster.

All in all I am confident that delivery will go well and that at the end, I will have a wonderful, beautiful, healthy daughter to hold and love for the rest of my life. For that I am thankful this year. Most of all, I do believe that good things do come to those who wait and that not everything comes easy. I took the harder path and that has made all the difference.

Very thankful for all my friends who have emailed me and helped me to get through the hard days. Thank you for all the wonderful wishes and warm thoughts.

Wishing all thankful stitches......

Im still here

Sorry I haven't been around much, but with the pregnancy it has been rough. I know it has been a long time since I have blogged because I had to think for three minutes just to remember my sign on name.

Well, the baby is going strong and soon my belly button will pop. I am in my sixth month and I must say I am ready. February can not come soon enough.

We haven't done much baby shopping, but I have knitted a few things for her and I am getting them pieced together now. Soon, I hope to post pictures of the sweaters and things.

Not much cross stitching at all. In fact, I have not purchased any cross stitching items in months. Lately, it has just been knitting items, crochet items and yarn, lots of yarn.

My craft shop was having a sale on a microfiber yarn and I picked up 3 colors worth. So, I guess I am mostly knitting and crocheting for the little one.

I miss everyone and their blogs, so I will go and visit as many as I can of you today.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Cross Stitching Partner????

The biggest news this Summer for us has been that ...IT IS A GIRL !!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?? I who thought only boys were in my future will be having a beautiful baby girl in February. My due date is considered to be February 17, 2010.... but since it will be a scheduled C-section, we get to pick a date at least one week prior to the due date.

Of course, I am either thinking February 12 or February 14. One of the reasons I am leaning toward February 14 is that it is a Sunday. Big brother will be home and starting his Winter vacation which makes it easier for us. I am not really big on drving into the city on a Friday morning in the middle of rush hour.

February 14 is also Valentine's Day. I know it is sappy and corny but I think it is romantic and so feminine too.

Speaking about feminine, lots of changes have come about in the choosing of cross stitch nursery designs. Wow.... lots of changes in everything really. There is a whole new mindset which makes me think that I was not expecting a girl at all. Even though the first thing I said when I found out I was pregnant was that it was a girl. Wierd, huh? At the 10th week I changed my mind, even though I was so attracted to pink and girly things. All of a sudden when I felt the baby move, I went with the old wives' tale that males are more active than female babies in utero and that males move sooner........ guess not!

So far I have had five sonograms. She is very active and strong. Good for her because mommy is having a very rough time. This pregnancy has been very hard on my body. I remind myself to enjoy every moment and cherish every kick and movement, but there are times I think I am going to drop from sheer exhaustion.

My kidneys and my lungs are suffering the changes the most. At this stage, forget the stretch marks, they are the least of my worries. I just want to make it through to February.

Only crafts I have done are crocheting and a tiny bit of cross stitching (very few stitches). So far I am crocheting a blanket in pink and raspberry which is looking very very pretty. Plus, there is a bit of stitching done on a cross stitch piece for the baby's room. I will show it in my next post.

Thanks for passing by and caring about my blog. Sorry I haven't been around, but I will surely blog more now that my cutest projects are on the horizon.

By the way, for some reason my hotmail account is not working and I do not understand Facebook much, soooo I am pretty much in techie limbo right now. If you have emailed me and I have not answered, that is why.

Sweet stitches to all.....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Cross Stitch Ideas

Ocean Waves
c. 2007, Reader's Digest

This is the project that kept popping into my head for the baby's room.
It is not too clear, but you can see the boat on the top and the dolphin on the top.

Then, as I was looking through the book, I found these:

Beach Holiday
c. 2007 Reader's Digest

This design is filled with kites, ships, lighthouses, crabs sandcastles and fish.
I think that it plays very nicely with the following.

c. 2007 Reader's Digest

c. 2007 Reader's Digest

Although these aren't what I usually stitch, I think that they will look great together. There is also a "Farm Animal" sampler that uses the same colors. They will definitely be wonderful to use as teaching pieces.

I am not completely convinced about these because I think that they are too masculine. Let's see what happens. At least I found them.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

~~218 Days To Go~~

.... and I still haven't chosen a cross stitch baby theme.

Today I pulled out 43 Disney Cross Stitch magazines and could not choose if i wanted a Disney Babies theme. Since we won't know if it is a boy or a girl I have no idea which characters to choose.

The only chart that pops into my mind every 30 minutes or so is a Noah's ark chart or something like it. I don't know in which book I have it in. It has a very cute boat on top and underneath layers of water with fish dispersed all throughout. It is sooooo cute and I know it is in a hardcover book.... maybe a Kooler Studio book ..... hmmmm.....

I have all of the Kooler Studio, Linda Gillium, nursery and baby books so I will check on those.

Another theme, to which I am very partial is "French angels". You know, the monochome angels playing harps and everything else. Little cherubs sitting and playing..... only thing that stops me is the thought that they may be too feminine.

With my eldest, we had a Winnie the Pooh theme. My youngest was Kooler Studio Teddy Bear theme..... hmmmm, with this little one, I am stumped.

Lately my hormones are out of whack, although I am very calm on the outside, inside I am a horrific mess..... I want to cry and I am pretty much out of my mind with worry and fear. I wish my doctor would be a little more positive than quoting me miscarriage statistics for a woman my age. The age issue is getting very old .... I have a mother and a birth certificate who are very loyal to tell me how old I am...... My thoughts are that if my body is able to get pregnant, then it must think it is pretty young still....

It's hard to be positive, when your own doc is so negative....Thankfully, my time with her is short and soon, I will be released to my high-risk OB doc. Of course, since my last pregnancy, my OB has stopped deliverying, so I will go to his associate who is supposed to be excellent as well while my OB will do the sonograms (his new expertise). I have already stated I have had enough of the "gloom and doom" docs. " I want a highly positive, highly optimistic and experienced OB who will get me from "me" to "we" safely.

Anyway, my knitting project is still on hold until I can get my hormonal mind straight and figure out how to sew it together without tossing it. (Maybe a finishing service will come in handy).

Off to find some baby charts.....

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Queen is Miffed!!!!

I took the completed parts of the baby sweater and proceeded to start the sewing portion of the project.... I can't seem to get the seams right!!!! Arrrrrghhhhh!!! It is an excercise in frustration.... so I calmly have put everything into a project baggie (or else I would have tossed it) and will wait a couple of weeks til I can look at it with a new perspective.

Can the sewing of the seams be that hard????? I am obviously not in the sewing seams frame of mind.

Other than that I am looking through baby cross stitch designs that I have in search of a few items that would be great additions to any baby's nursery etc. Not that I have done many at all. This time I would love to make accessories that I can use for the baby.

We have announced the impending arrival to our family even though it is early. One of the reasons being it is going to be a very long and hard road ahead for me and I don't want to be hostage to a superstitious 3 month rule that I don't believe in. Life has taught me that life is precious and that one must celebrate when the opportunity arises.

Our vacation is now 95% cancelled due to my need to be near my doctor's office. That is the common sense approach to this pregnancy. Our child has taken very well to the cancellation. Well, that is how we perceived his laughter and happy attitude to not having to leave the dog behind. Kids......

Two new scissors have been added to my collection. Thanks to my best friend, both the Gingher's Criss 4" Embroidery Scissor and Criss Dressmakers Shears 8" are very happy with their Gingher team mates.

A few French Mags have made their way across the pond to me thanks to my French friend. Love her. A really nice package filled with surprises will be on the way to her shortly. Hope she enjoys them!!!!!

Other than that, I am left to choose what baby themes will be in my cross stitch agenda. Isn't great that there are NINE months to go!!!!!! I have two Baby Afghans in my stash. One is yellow and the other Ivory. Let's see what I do..... you know that if I make one for baby, I will definitely make another for the eldest!!!! I don't have favorites.....

Expectant stitches.......

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Knit One For Baby

Sweetheart Pullover
c. Leisure Arts, Inc., 2007
Time for Baby
Nope, I ain't saying a word.
Lullaby stitches......

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life and Stitching Update

First off, I don't think that my blogging once a week is working. I must blog more often. I love blogging and I want to do more of it. Okay, here goes how this week went.


I joined Weight Watchers so soon I will have a sidebar with my wieght loss totals for the whole world to see. Why?? I have no idea, maybe fill up the blog a bit more?? Make for some good laughs?? Blog my descent into a dark part of my life??

The reason why I joined Weight Watchers was to lose weight, obviously, but, I don't know if it is for me. My first week I lost 1.4 pounds. Okay, I lost something, but it is not as good as I wanted and I was disappointed. Another reason I don't know if it will work is because even though people think I am a people person, I am not so sure that I like being with so many people discussing our wieght and points. Those are my feelings, "results may vary".

A few months ago, I went to my doctor and asked him if he would put me on diet pills. (Hey, I was desperate). He did not laugh, but told me that if I drank water (instead of Pepsi) and exercised a half hour in the morning and a half hour at night, I would lose the wieght. I am thinking the man is right!! This writing down everything I eat and giving it points is not for me. I am not a food addict. I don't eat everything I see or drink alcoholic drinks (teetotaller here) or excessive frozen drinks or massive amounts of anything. It just so happened I was on a medication for 3 months and put on 30 pounds. Yup, 10 pounds a month....can't get them off..... but I haven't tried and my thyroid is fine. (Unfortunately, the meds didn't even work).

So, here is hoping that in the next 11 weeks I lose another 8 pounds.....

Another life update: The laptop is at the repair shop for 3 weeks!! So, as a gift, I received a mini-laptop which I am starting to really like. This one will be for my cross stitching and blogging. It is mine, mine, mine!!!! When the laptop comes back, I will transfer all of my favorites and freebies off it and leave it as the family laptop.
Yes, that means I do not have any favorites stored...... Arrrrrrrghhhhhhh

Vacation is still being decided..... it is between a Disney cruise or DisneyWorld. The dog may stay with Grandma. That is still in the works. Let's see what happens.


No stitching, but LOTS of stashing. I sort of lost control. I admit it. (You see, I know what addiction is.) If it is stitching and it is on sale ... I am there. So, what did I order?

Kooler Design Studio

Winter Sampler Kit
Spring Sampler Kit
Summer Sampler Kit
Autumn Sampler Kit
Provence Sampler Kit
Cinderella Chart (because I have the kit already)

Roberta 4" scissors

Martina Weber (Chatelaine)
Evening in the Park (Chart)

Just Cross Stitch
Christmas Ornaments 10th Anniversary Collection Book
July / August 2008 Christmas Ornament Preview

Britain's Cross Stitcher Mag
Issue 213

So, there you have it..... more stash....plus a couple of ongoing trades which are always a sublime experience for me.
Well, that is about it. I hope to post pictures soon of a stitch or two.

Happy stitches......

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Mouse, A Mouse !!!!!! I screamed.....

Where, where???????? He looked.....

In my defense as a first time developer I am always trying to make sure that everything stays clean. So as I opened the gates to my development, happy to see my magical construction team at work after their vacation, I saw a mouse and I just screamed. Poor thing started shaking and quivering and suddenly out of nowhere in a puff of smoke Maleficent appeared.

"My dear, this is Gus. Why are you so terrified of this well meaning mouse?" Speechless I stood, looking at Gus, asking forgiveness with my eyes.

"Dahhling, if you are terrified of Gus, there is no telling how you will be when 'THE' mouse comes to town."

" 'THE' mouse? You mean there are more mice??" I asked.

" Well of course, but there is only ONE mouse, 'THE' most important mouse of them all, the Big Kahuna, the big cheese, the mouse that all look up to. When he comes you will know and he expects to see you HAPPY. For he is a happy mouse."

"How will I know, when he arrives?
"You will know, my dear. Now, I must leave you two alone. Please get to know each other and try not to wake up the neighborhood." And just as she came, in a puff of smoke she was gone.
So that is how I met Gus. Dear, bright and helpful Gus, who loves Cinderella very much, was sorry that he startled me so and thought I had met very bad mice in life. He assured me that all of the mice that would come to my development would be friendly mice and those that were not, he would have at them. Gus is funny too.
I didn't have time to meet Cinderella, but Gus was sure that she liked the Castle, and would most likely come to live there. It is very exciting to think that Cinderella and her Prince Charming are thinking of making my development their home.
Before I leave, here are pictures of Gus in the neighborhood!

All Disney images are copyright by Disney and taken from licensed cross stitch kits and magazines.
Cinderella's coach is c. by Kooler Design Studio.

Magical stitches to all......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cross Stitch Stashing

These days I have been on the wagon. I stitched very little and purchased even less. The LNS near me was having a sale and I missed it. So after stashing at a fearless speed for the first few months of the year, April and May went by without much to add.

Although I have to say that I have started to trade again. For many years I traded non-stop until 4 years ago when I stopped because I got tired. This year I have added three wonderful ladies to my trading circle and I am thrilled because friendships have formed and their works inspire me everyday.

Have you noticed my 2009 Finishes have been growing?? Well, yesterday I started and completed another Christmas ornament which brings my total to 6. I am soooooo happy because my goal is to stitch a set of 12 of the same ornament (6 in green and 6 in red). I have ideas on how to finish them, but still need to set everything up. The idea is to use these ornaments on a pine swag decoration.

Okay, okay, you thought I wasn't going to post pictures, right?? You thought I would have another camera excuse.... yeah, yeah.... well SURPRISE SURPRISE....

Joy, Love, Peace
c. JBW 2007 "Christmas Keepsakes II"

Joy, Love, Peace
c. 2007 JBW, "Christmas Keepsakes II"

Here is a Disney Pooh ornament that I stitched in 2005 which has not been "finished"yet. I hope to correct that and have a wonderful ornament to hang on our tree this year.

c. Disney, Pooh Ornament

This is my latest non-holiday finish. It is stitched with DMC Variations. I think that DMC Variations is a wonderful thread reasonably priced thread. The colors are really pretty, even though I really miss the DMC variegated threads. Whenever I see the variegated for sale, I always pick them up.

c. Mary Hickmott 2009

Well, there you have it. That is pretty much what I have done these days. As usual, I have high hopes for tomorrow and the rest of this evening.

By the way..... soon, I will be posting a Disney Neighborhood picture.......

Stitching the night away........

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stitching Goal for Today

It is very simple. I wish to start and finish one snowflake for a very special Christmas stocking. I have the fabric and my plan is to make all sorts of different snowflakes on it.

Will post pic once camera gets new batteries. (Yup, with that camera something is always up).

Simple stitches....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sad Day For Me

This morning I found out that my grandaunt passed away during the night. She fought a brave battle against breast cancer twice. The first she won for decades, the second time around the cancer was vengeful and although my grandaunt was very brave, her body could not withstand the beligerant unrelenting aggression of the breast cancer.

At the end, the cancer could not conquer her mind. She was brave and positive till the end. May she rest in peace.

I am going to miss her.

Silent stitches....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


If your drinking, then no stitching. If you are stitching, then no drinking.
Applies to driving too...... arrive alive.......
Happy stitches....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cross Stitch Life Update

Not much going on here. Got a few eBay items mailed today and considered posting items on Ebay every week. It's the fees that get me all the time. With the eBay Listing Fee , the eBay Final Value Fee and the Paypal Fee, I am wondering who is making the money there.... lol....

Maybe I will make another blog with items that I am looking to trade and items I am looking to sell. I have seen other bloggers do that. Don't know how successful that is, but I figure I have time to sort all of the details out.

I am sure that the wet flosses are coming out for my flogging since I did not stitch much at all last week. Lately all I have done is stalk the postman since there are so many packages that I am waiting for that have not arrived. All the stalking is driving me batty and I am getting into a bad mood.

One of the items I am waiting for is a scissor I purchased on eBay and a purchase from a cross stitch shop. Half of me thinks that the Customs inspector and my post office are in cohoots to keep my items away from me. Well, when I receive all my items, I promise to post pictures here. This time there will be alot of pictures since I am waiting for alot of stuff.

Today I also posted Shay's floss giveaway win. Snuck by my postman, so I am sure Shay will get the package soon.

Getting back on the Moderate's Stash Wagon again because I fell off and only saw dust for a few months. If I strain my eyes to their fullest, I believe I see the Wagon coming around again. Maybe someone noticed I fell off?????? Don't think so, but once I get on, I am sure I will be lots heavier. LOL....

I am ashamed to say that I have not put a single stitch in my Disney Neighborhood in a few months. Funny thing about me is that I do not show my WIPS to anyone that is known in the flesh to me because I lose my "mojo" for that piece. Well, someone saw me stitching on it and since that day I have not touched it. I know, I know, it is superstitious, but I did lose a bit of my "mojo" for it. Now, it is in full force again and I want to stitch stitch stitch the hours away on my pride and joy.

Working on a small pinkeep for myself. Happens to be the only WIP I stitched on this past week. Hopefully I will get it done soon so I can post a picture of it.

There is also the Christmas ornaments that I am working on. I have 5 already of the same pattern stitched and I am loving them so, because they are simple and once I finish the 12 I will have a set of them. My first set of stitching ever. So that is something to look forward to.

So far, there you have it. I will stop surfing through blogs and start stitching once I sign off. Hope to come back here tomorrow and write some more.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy weekend stitches to all ........

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making Time -- Chasing Rainbows (LOST)

Well, I felt badly for Daniel, what a life always trying to please mom and never doing so. Or did he? Was she really proud and couldn't show it because she knew what his fate / destiny would be? As a mother, myself, if I think if I were in that situation, I would try everything that I could and more to change things. Maybe she did and we don't know about it.

Either way, I think that two things which are the most important points of this episode ("The Variable") deal with Daniel and his comment while playing the piano as a youngster, "I can make time". I think that his unstable mental state is due to his "making time". Remember when he says that he experimented on himself? It is my belief that he was the "bright person" who developed the pendulum at the Lamppost station.

The piano song that he plays both as a youngster and an adult, "Chasing Rainbows" is key here..... is he "chasing rainbows"? Maybe? Will he find them? Maybe not.

Now, it seems to be that Jack is the key to the past, and Locke is the key to the future. Jack may take up Daniel's cause and try to change the past. All in all it seems that Ellie is a very single-minded, and inflexible person (to put it in a nice way). Others may call her a B****, but this is a family blog, so I refrain from using such accurate language.

We are headed to the ending of Season 5 and then a few hours of Season 6 will hopefully fill in all the gaps and maybe just maybe the plane will overfly the island and land at LAX. Then, all of the passengers disembark none being the wiser and the time loop will have been broken. Yup, I am still of the time loop camp.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I have not read any of the LOST blogs yet, so I don't know if other followers are thinking the same thing.

Lost stitches.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Congratulations!!!!! Shay on winning 12 flosses!!!

Thanks to all the stitchers who participated! I enjoyed this so much, I will have another giveaway soon.

Lucky Sunday stitching to all.......

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It is that time it seems when people feel generous and share of their blessings. Here are a few giveaways that may interest you.

Nina's Giveway
ends April 30, 2009

Cross Stitch Queen's Giveaway
ends April 18, 2009

This one is mine. You may win up to 12 flosses if you follow my blog and
let everyone you know to enter.

All you have to do is leave a message on the giveaway post.

Blackbird Designs Contest
ends April 27, 2009

This is a great one if you can stitch fast and you like French things.


****please note that once these giveaways are over, I will remove the pictures from my blog in order to leave space for other giveaways ****

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nina's Giveaway

Seems to be the time for giveaways!!
Nina from Between the Crosses is having an awesome giveaway. In order to enter, one must show a picture of their scissor collection. Here are a few of mine. As you can see I collect Gingher's and am partial to Patriotic themes.

I want to welcome my newest scissor: the bronze art deco scissor below. A wonderful internet friend was gracious enough to find it for me. Thank you Claudia. You can tell it fit in beautifully with its sisters.

Nina's blog is gorgeous and her scissor collection is impressive. Her needlework is very creative and she finishes her items very professionally.

I guess the next collection I should start working on are scissor fobs. Thanks to my friend Claudia, I have my first handmade scissor fob. Pictures will definitely follow.

Good Luck to all who enter Nina's giveaway

Don't forget my floss giveaway too!!

Lucky stitches to all

What lies in the Shadow of the Statue?? LOST post

Just finished seeing today's episode of LOST and since I really like that show. My new theory for today is:

The Lamp Post lies in the shadow of the statue. If that is true then Eloise Hawking would be the third party to the endgame. Lots of bloggers are thinking that Eloise would be the third party leader..... but, I have not heard anyone say that "The Lamp Post" is the answer to Ilana's and Bram's riddle.

I am also guessing that Miles may help his father during the incident and may die with his father. That would make him the loved character that dies in this season. (Lots of rumors about this death on all the blogs and I believe that Miles is one of the characters that is on that "death list") It is my guess that Miles is the character that goes to the afterlife.

Well, those are my first and most fresh ideas.......

For all the LOST stitchers...... Namaste

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My 1st PIF -- Giveaway

Many months ago a wonderful stitcher offered me a magazine which contained a chart I was searching for. I promised her I would repay her kindness by having a PIF.

Set of six (6) DMC flosses. Colors are 779, Ecru, 53, 930, B5200 and 152. The DMC pictured above are the flosses that are up for this contest. Floss colors for all prizes are my choice. I will not duplicate any colors. No substitutions, please.


Level 1:
Anyone can enter ONCE. One entry per person. I will mail floss anywhere in the world. You will need to leave a comment on this post.

Level 2:
Followers of my blog will be allowed two entries as long as you leave a comment on this post.

Level 3:
If you have a blog, please let your followers know about this PIF if you win, I will add an additional 3 flosses to the prize. That means you will receive 9 flosses.

Level 4:
If you have a blog, let your followers know about this PIF, and list me on your bloglist, if you win I will add an additional 3 flosses to the prize. That means you will receive 12 flosses as your prize if you win.

To give everyone an chance to enter this PIF, I will draw the winner on Saturday, April 18th 2009.

If you qualify to win extra flosses, please leave the prize level you are aiming for on your comment (blog address, and post showing where you have passed the word on of this PIF).

Good luck stitches to all.......

Happy Easter


(my favorite Winnie the Pooh character)

(no one is bad 100% of time..)

Peaceful stitching

Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009 Christmas Theme

Today I have officially decided that my 2009 Christmas Theme will be "Joy, Love, Peace". That means that my ornies will all have at least one of those words on them. This year, I have chosen green and red as the colors of the season. The preferred shape or motif for the ornaments will be Christmas trees.

My past color themes have been: 2008 white and blue, 2007 white and red.

As of today, I have stitched FOUR (4) Joy, Love Peace ornaments by JBW designs in green and red on Ivory jobelan. I will stitch more of those on Lambswool jobelan and reverse the pattern colors along with the hue of the green and the red.

It is my hope to stitch twelve (12) of the "Joy, Love, Peace" ornaments so I may hang them on an evergreen tree swag. I will also stitch variations and hang them on my ornament tree. That is where the other joy, love, peace ornies come in.

Preparing for this I have been lucky to find Joan Elliot's Joy, Peace, Love designs that were published in a Crafts 'n Things magazine last year. Those are designed in blue, but I will color convert to green.

There is another Christmas ornie that I am looking to purchase from Fabby Reilly. I have my eye on the Christmas Star.... that would look GREAT on top of my ornament tree..... Let's see what happens.......

Early holiday stitches to all.....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring has Arrived / Summer Vacation Thoughts

and none too soon for me.

As you can see I have added a little slide show filled with flowers to "spring-ify" our days. Along with the Spring come the rains but at least it is warmer and that is good enough for me. My body likes the warm temperatures.... the warmer the better..... 80 degrees is wonderful!!

It is incredible to think that school will be out for Summer Vacation in a few months, which inevitably brings up the question of where we should vacation. As everyone knows when the kids are out of school airfares and hotel prices go UP UP UP!!! I am one not to take the kid out of school just to take a vacation. This is because when the one who will most likely be taller than me in three years gets sick, school days get lost fast. Since I don't need the hassle of attendance issues, I just take the regular Summer vacation and put up with the prices.

This year there is an addition to our family... the dog. I love this dog, just adore this dog, that is why I don't know if I will go on vacation this year. It may seem sappy to some, but I can't see myself dropping off the dog at a kennel. To me, right now, that is not an option. So then we have the parents who would take care of the dog, but I don't feel comfortable because my dog is a runner, a bolter. He is a very smart dog, but when it comes to being free..... well he just doesn't know his name.... a breed defect. They do not come when called. So, I don't want to put my family through that. I think it is too much responsibility to leave him to someone else. In additon, the kid would call the grandparents every ten minutes to see if the dog is okay. That is not a vacation at all. If you have kids and pets, you know what I mean. Thank God for cell phones and free minutes. Yup, all of them were used for calls to grandma, when we went on a long weekend. So much so, that I have forgotten where we went. Just remember the calls.

This year, I made reservations for 10 days at DisneyWorld. These were made BD (before dog). I got a GREAT deal and it just so happens that I would be able to go and stay for the Halloween Party as well before school starts again. It is a DREAM for me since I have ached to go to the Halloween Party for years. This time I can go and I would love to. The French Pavillion calls my name daily and it would do me good to go and relax. The MNSSHP would be the highlight.

Another spot that is calling to me is Europe. Yes, I would gladly go to Paris, Rome or Barcelona for a week instead, if I could afford it. Of course Summer airfare prices are incredibly expensive, but this time I would prefer not to shake as I walk the cobbled European streets. It would also be my desire not to go bankrupt when exchanging currency. Last time while exchanging USD I almost cried when I saw the the pitance of Euro I had in my hand. Believe me in Paris one needs MANY MANY Euro to survive when one has a kid who worships McDonald's.

Our last resort is a 7-10 day road trip to Canada which would let our dog come with us. We would drive about 9 hours to Montreal and then to Quebec City. I have never been to Quebec City and it would be a small taste of France. There if I am lucky I would probably be able to get a few French cross stitch magazines. The wonderful thing about this vacation is that all of us would be together in a pet friendly hotel and would walk and see the city. It is not important for us to go to restaurants. As long as we can get food to go, we are okay. Plus, at this time the CDN Dollar is less expensive than the Euro, so we would not spend that much money at the Duty Free Shops. We love the Duty Free shopping in Canada..... especially with the Coffee Crisp candy bars and the perfumes. The Montreal Duty Free shop was AWESOME!!!!

So, there you have it. What do you think?

  • 10 day Disney World vacation - (no dog)
  • 7 day European vacation - (no dog)
  • Canadian vacation - (with dog)
  • Stay home, the economy is really bad (with dog)

I would like to know what you think. Please leave a comment on this post.

Thinking of Summer vacation stitching ..........

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Whole New World

Well, it had to happen sometime and it did today. After surfing so many sites and seeing so many beautiful items created from crafters all over the world..... another world of crafting is holding its arms open for me.

Today, I went to pick up some items for a few upcoming exchanges when I heard FIMO clay packs calling my name. I picked up a few because I am looking to try my hand at making clay buttons. There are a few that just entice me so and I want to try my hand at the craft.

I think that what sold me was the clay pasta maker's price. It was on sale and I could not turn it down. What can I say????? Soon I will be creating little buttons for my stitching. Yippeeeee!!!

Other than that, I am crocheting like a madwoman. Many, many years ago my best friend asked me for a scarf. These days I am crocheting it for her because it is only right. I feel very badly that it has taken me this long, but I can't wait to finish it and mail it to her. I wish I could be there to see her face opening it, unfortunately she lives on the other side of the United States, so I will just have to be happy knowing that I did the right thing.

Karma-like stitches.......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spotlight ***Danybrod Blog ***

Well, I have been surfing again and this time a beautiful French blog has just drawn me in with its beauty. Mind you, I do not speak French, and have no clue whom has stitched what on this blog, but I think that just as other foreign speakers can't understand all of what we write on our English blogs, it is the pictures that tell the story. Well, Dany's pictures tell quite a beautiful cross stitch story.

If I had to choose what makes Dany's blog special, it would be the consistent theming and the color selections. The angels and the hearts are so pleasing to the eye with their hue combination. She and her friends have made wonderful cross stitching items. Little monogramed needlebooks in pleasing muted colors are just the beginning of the wonderful stitched treasures this blog holds.

Another incredible touch are the beach paintings that she has added to her blog. They are so vivid and beautiful. One would think that they are at the beach. Those who live in cold weather States will appreciate those paintings.

Page after page is filled with gorgeous cross stitch pictures where one can see the raised sheen of each crossed stitch. I just love that!!

If you haven't seen Dany's blog, take a look .... it is a visual adventure......
Inspirational stitches.......

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another "LOST" Theory

As I am sitting here amidst DMC floss and thinking of LOST, I came up with a theory. Here goes:

What if Widmore goes back to the island, finds his younger self and gives him the Black Rock journal that the older Widmore won at the auction in the episode "The Constant"? Then the younger Widmore would be able to know things that the older Widmore was not privy to at the time of his banishment.

Just putting that theory out there because I think since Widmore does know Eloise, he would be able to get back somehow.

Mystery stitches.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Exchange Piece for Lucy

Finally, the pics that we have been waiting to see .... My stitched exchange piece for Lucy.

side view

Alphabet from Better Homes and Garden

c. Mary Hickmott
New Stitches Magazine
stitched with Weeks Dye Works
retired color Hydrangea

This morning I received an email from Lucy that she loved all of the items that I mailed to her.
That is so stress relieving. The piece was mailed to her two days after I finished stitching it because I was falling in love with it more and more and it was getting harder to let it go. LOL.

It is thrilling to know that my first attempt at a pinkeep was a great hit with Lucy.

Thanks for stopping by..... happy stitches to all

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Multiplied....

Who knew, they were like rabbits?? I just couldn't stop and there they are. If one of my 2009 goals was to stitch a Christmas Ornament a month, well I have caught up.

All day I have been watching golf. I know, I know..... real exciting stuff. When I was younger, I could not understand for the life of me why people would watch others walk and walk and walk while hitting a ball. Now, I am one of the watchers.

Another thing that I was able to do today was surf on the net looking for new ideas and I found a few designer, Fabby Reilly . Some of you already know about her because lots of her biscorni are popping up on biscornu sites. Surely, I will order a couple of her items next month as I purchased a few things yestday :))

In a few days my first Prairie Schooler chart will arrive, Santas and Snowmen along with Twisted Heart by Ink Circles.

A shout out to all my followers. Thank you for coming and reading. I know that I type it often, but I really mean it..... your reading motivates me to everyday.

Inspirational stitches to all .........

Saturday, March 14, 2009

When will Spring Arrive??

Flu Type B

There you have it, not a pretty picture, but the reality of what is going on in my home. The little one has been sick in what seems like forever. Already 3 days of school missed and the fever rages on.

The coughing which almost made me run for the hills has now become white noise. Just another noise in the background. It comes in sets of three. Once I hear 5 or six in a row I know about 10 more are coming. It seems that the little one has lost wieght or is toning up the midsection with all the coughing, either way, everytime I look, I can almost swear someone has grown taller. Soon, very soon, I fear, I will be the shortest one in the house.

All of this has only placed me here for the weekend. Although the sun is out, it is cold for me at least and with my nursing duties in full force, I have made very good friends with my needle and thread again.

A little later on today, I will show you what I have been up to.

I also want to thank you for stopping by and reading my little blog. It means a great deal to me that seven people have decided to follow my adventures. Thought you should know that that I appreciate every visit and every kind comment you leave behind. It keeps me motivated to blog as much as possible.

Kind stitches to all .....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lookie, Lookie. What do we have here??

This little chart stole my heart and before I knew it I had already stitched it."

Joy, Love and Peace
c. Sweet Nothings, "Christmas Treasures II

Don't know how I will "finish" it, but I like it very much. It is the first of this type of design for me. I love the way that it stitches up quickly. Gives me the feeling of accomplishment.

Quick stitching .....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Little Stashing does the Spirit Good.....

As many of you know, I read LOTS of stitching blogs on a daily basis, even though I should be stitching. I have no defense for that as I am as addicted as a stitcher can get on stitching and reading blogs. Sometimes if I am really lucky I can go to the MECCA of stash (no, not my closet, although close... my garage LOL) no, no, no, my LNS.

I may have spoken of my LNS here before, can't remember, but http://www.lazydaisystitchery.com is a great place to go to when the stashing urge strikes. It's a fairly new shoppe, maybe two years old and it is a boon to us because it is the only one around. I know, I know, you can't believe it....but it is true. We in the New York City area went a LONG time without one.

The owner is a really nice lady who treats her customers and doesn't ignore you like some other shopkeepers do. I love her fiber wall because I get to see the thread colors up close and personal and that makes a great difference. That wall has only helped to turn me into a Weeks Dye Works addict and when I buy them I buy multiples of one color. This week, Cross Stitch Queen, has selected # 1161 Hydrangea as her personal favorite. For a few weeks, Eucalyptus was my favorite to the point where I have a half dozen in my stash waiting for that perfect project. Don't worry, I only have 4 of the Hydrangea....

Her fabbies are delish and I simply adore her curio where she displays the scissors and all those accessories that I would love to have. She carries all the lastest rage of charts and although I don't always fall into range, I have lots of trading partners that do, so its a great place to go and pick up goodies for them.

My latest haul looked like this:

Not the biggest haul, but a quality haul. I got my WDW and sneaked in a Crescent Threads too. Something that is VERY NEW for me is the HOB NOBB design, "Winter is Over". It is not the design that did it for me, because I am not too into it , it is the button that had me the minute that I saw it. I did not have the heart to leave the little guy behind.

Another item that is new for me is the JBW design "Christmas Keepsakes II", in my mind I kept seeing all the exchange blogs with the really simple, but charming Christmas ornaments and thought, "I can do that and make it elegant too".

Other than that the owner must think I have ADD, but in reality I have CADD, (Crafters Attention Deficit Disorder), because I did not now where to go first, or second just looking at all the wonderful things in the shop. I would be in the front, then go to the back just to go to the front again then I would think of my friends who would love this design, and my friends who stitched that design and go to the fiber wall...... What is a girl to do when at the MECCA of cross stitch ????

For all the ladies who are stitching holiday ornaments.... Holiday stitches......
For the rest of us who just want to stitch ..... Stitching wishes......

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Finish !!!!!!!

My second personal exchange piece for Lucy is complete. Finished it today and I must say it is very very pretty. Especially since it is my first finish of its kind.

The plan is to post the exchange sometime this week or this weekend. Since it is a "Winter" exchange best that I go to the post office soon before Spring rolls around.

Due to my placing all my attention to Lucy's piece, my Disney Neighborhood has felt a bit neglected..... but not to fear, a couple of Disney movie viewings and a bit of Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho's and it will be back to stitching on it I go.

Once Lucy receives the item, I will definitely post pictures of this beauty. You can count on it.

Sleepy stitches........

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Special Award

What a wonderful honor to receive an award from my stitching "sister" Lucy at http://enhebrandolucy.blogspot.com/ . I can still remember when we met and started learning how to develop webpages. We have come a long way.....

The first part of this award asks that the recipient list 8 things that they wish for. Here are mine:

  • Peace, quiet and open air to pass my leisure time stitching away.

  • World peace. Don't we all need some?

  • Spend a weekend with my friend Lucy chatting and "shopping" in Europe.

  • Lots of quality family time to spend with my loved ones.

  • A better world economy. Ours is not too healthy right now.

  • To learn everything I can everyday.

  • To keep a sense of awe about the world and have the chance to experience more of it with my family.

  • A cure for all fatal illnesses like terminal cancer so everyone may be able to live life to its fullest and enjoy it pain free.

Now comes the harder part. I must pass it on to 10 other bloggers. I will do so in a later post, so I will have time to compile a list. Til then......

Keep on stitching.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spotlight *** Claudia's Cross Stitch Blog ***

Today is a "snow day" for me in as there is LOTS of snow on the ground. Let us just say that it reaches my knees and I am a woman of average height. When we could not shovel the car out of the driveway on my way to work, I should have taken it as a clue to stay home. Yet, I persisted, and still got nowhere. Thus, I am home today.

What is a cross-stitch addict to do at home on a day like this??? Well, I am smiling from ear to ear and I am also reading blogs and reading more blogs and thinking about stitching the wonderful stash I have at home. Who wouldn't after seeing so many beautiiiiiiiiful things that my sister stitchers have created.

So, as I surfed and skimmed, I had a chance to take my time and really immerse myself in a blog which kept me reading and reading and reading. Very inspiring crafts"woman"ship and awesome stitching. Without further ado I am spotlighting on my blog today:

Claudia's blog is very well put together. Her pictures and her way of bringing the crafted items to life via her pictures is awesome. The presentation is fabulous in that the crafter feels that they can touch the items. The craft"woman"ship is very detailed and exquisite. The stitches are crisp and very feminine.

I enjoyed the presentation of all of the cross stitched items. Whether they were hers or someone elses, the pictures sang of the love that was put into all of the pieces. From the curios brimming with needlework to the solo shots of beautifully worked and thought out pieces, one feels that every item has a personality and is in harmony with the others.

Each item is special and one can feel the uniqueness of the piece as presented by her. Claudia must have lots of stitching friends because her exchange pieces are fabulous and well thought out. Truly an inspirational blog for all to see.

One of the best things that I particularly like about her blog is its bilingual setting. Claudia speaks to her native stitcher's as well to the international stitcher who is versed in English. I think everyone should have a look at her inspirational blog. It has gotten my creative stream flowing and I am sure yours will be too.

Thank you Claudia for sharing your cross stitch world with us! I for one appreciate it very much!! Brava.......
Glorious stitches to all..........

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seeking Trading Partner -- Italy

(a stitcher that lives in Italy)

Looking for cross stitch trading partner residing in Italy who would be interested in trading with a cross stitcher living in the United States.

This is a great opportunity for both of us to trade cross stitching supplies that we would like to have but can't find near us.

We could trade once and if you like trade again that would be great.
I would love to trade with responsible traders like myself. I consider myself to be very generous when trading and understand that postage costs are outrageous at times. Because I understand that I am very fair when trading.

Things that I have to trade are:
DMC floss, Weeks Dye Works Floss, American magazines,
American cross stitch charts, fabric etc.

Things that I am looking for are:

Please leave a comment on this post if you are interested to try at least once.
Thankful stitches......

Pictures of Lucy's Wonderful Gifts to Me



I love them all, especially the ornament. It is a beauty to behold!!

Thank you my dear friend!

Loving stitches......
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Disney Neighborhood Pictures

Thought I would share with you how the building of my Disney Neighborhood is going. You will see that the details are being worked out nicely. Come back next week to see more of my magical place.

Enjoy the pics!





Magical stitching.......
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Stitching and Reading

Two of my favorite things to do. Sad thing is that I have not done so much of either lately. But, I am sure to remedy that soon.

Today I went to the library and picked up three books that I am sure will put me up to reading speed soon.

The first book, which I was very shocked to see at my small library was, Knitting on Top of the World, by Nicky Epstein. Now, I don't know much about Nicky Epstein, but just looking at these projects, I dare say, she must be a very famous knitter with a huge fan following. The projects in this book are amazing!! I am in awe of what she has done with two sticks (okay, maybe four..... but no more.... LOL). It is my hope to work on some of these projects soon. Even if it is just to master the stitches and the patterns. Mastering those would be a great step toward progress and knitting knowledge.

Two other books made it with me, Sins and Needles along with Knitting Bones are both written by the superb Monica Ferris. Those were also a shocker to see at the library. Great to see that Monica is getting a bigger fan base. There was a time where I purchased each one of her books as they came out. Seems that I am only 5 books behind which is not too bad considering I have stitched and read other books.

The rest of the books that I picked up were mysteries as well. I guess that I am on a mystery kick. Reading comes in cycles with me. Sometimes I can pick up 5 books of either the same genre or written by the same person and become very well versed in their writing techniques.

Other times, I will pick up as many craft books as my library carries and become engrossed in the awesome handiwork and detail each book contains. Either way, I love books and if I had it my way, I would always be reading writing and crafting (cross stitch, knitting or crocheting preferably with quilting as my last recourse only because I can't seem to get those 1/4 seams right EVER !!!!!!)

So, enough of the reading and on to the stitching. Hmmmmmm...... can't say I am happy with the little bit of stitching I have done this week. Although I come home gun-ho ready to take on every thread with gusto, I end up either on the internet or catching up on some zzzzzzzz's. You would think I have caught up on them by now, but I can't seem to get enough sleep on some days. Lately that has been everyday.

On my personal exchange stitching...... not good. I did stitch something which at the time I really liked and now I dislike. Not because it is ugly or badly done, just because I don't like it anymore. Does that make sense? So if I don't like it, I don't gift it. That is just me. Lately I can't get the love for it anymore thus, I am in search of something else to stitch.

My Disney Neighborhood is coming along very slowly as I decided to somehow stitch one over one on 28 ct without a magnifying glass. Thankfully I can see all of the stitches, BUT and that is a BIG BUT, I go so slowly because the thought of ripping out an error scares the evil out of me. So in order not to make a mistake I take my time.

Another thing that has been taking up my time lately is the TV series LOST. Yes, yes, I am a LOSTIE. I can't get enough of the series which I have been watching since the pilot episode.
As any true lostie, I have lots of theories which can be considered crazy at times. If you have seen the show, you must know that the craziest theory sometimes is the correct conclusion.

I don't want this to become a LOST blog because there are awesome and creative LOST bloggers out there who are so in tune with the show that my blog would pale in comparison, but from time to time, I will post a theory or two here just because its my blog LOL. Since there is only one and a half seasons left of LOST until its finale, it is safe to say that very little blog time will be dedicated to tv passion.

A theory that I have not seen on any blog is that Ben Linus has a clone. Crazy as it may seem, I think that Ben has a clone just as the rabbits Dr. Candle was keeping away from each other. In S5E5: 316, note that at Ray's nursing home a magic show is going taking place and there is a white rabbit in a cage. When Ben arrives at the airplane, he looks beaten to a pulp almost in the same condition as when he was tied to the tree in S4 when he was being held by the "Losties" prior to the freighter people arriving on the island. I know that it is a crazy theory, but hey, that is the joy of having a theory, they don't all have to be right. After all, it is only a show.

Are you a "LOST" stitcher? Let me know. Till the next time......

Finding stitching time........