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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life and Stitching Update

First off, I don't think that my blogging once a week is working. I must blog more often. I love blogging and I want to do more of it. Okay, here goes how this week went.


I joined Weight Watchers so soon I will have a sidebar with my wieght loss totals for the whole world to see. Why?? I have no idea, maybe fill up the blog a bit more?? Make for some good laughs?? Blog my descent into a dark part of my life??

The reason why I joined Weight Watchers was to lose weight, obviously, but, I don't know if it is for me. My first week I lost 1.4 pounds. Okay, I lost something, but it is not as good as I wanted and I was disappointed. Another reason I don't know if it will work is because even though people think I am a people person, I am not so sure that I like being with so many people discussing our wieght and points. Those are my feelings, "results may vary".

A few months ago, I went to my doctor and asked him if he would put me on diet pills. (Hey, I was desperate). He did not laugh, but told me that if I drank water (instead of Pepsi) and exercised a half hour in the morning and a half hour at night, I would lose the wieght. I am thinking the man is right!! This writing down everything I eat and giving it points is not for me. I am not a food addict. I don't eat everything I see or drink alcoholic drinks (teetotaller here) or excessive frozen drinks or massive amounts of anything. It just so happened I was on a medication for 3 months and put on 30 pounds. Yup, 10 pounds a month....can't get them off..... but I haven't tried and my thyroid is fine. (Unfortunately, the meds didn't even work).

So, here is hoping that in the next 11 weeks I lose another 8 pounds.....

Another life update: The laptop is at the repair shop for 3 weeks!! So, as a gift, I received a mini-laptop which I am starting to really like. This one will be for my cross stitching and blogging. It is mine, mine, mine!!!! When the laptop comes back, I will transfer all of my favorites and freebies off it and leave it as the family laptop.
Yes, that means I do not have any favorites stored...... Arrrrrrrghhhhhhh

Vacation is still being decided..... it is between a Disney cruise or DisneyWorld. The dog may stay with Grandma. That is still in the works. Let's see what happens.


No stitching, but LOTS of stashing. I sort of lost control. I admit it. (You see, I know what addiction is.) If it is stitching and it is on sale ... I am there. So, what did I order?

Kooler Design Studio

Winter Sampler Kit
Spring Sampler Kit
Summer Sampler Kit
Autumn Sampler Kit
Provence Sampler Kit
Cinderella Chart (because I have the kit already)

Roberta 4" scissors

Martina Weber (Chatelaine)
Evening in the Park (Chart)

Just Cross Stitch
Christmas Ornaments 10th Anniversary Collection Book
July / August 2008 Christmas Ornament Preview

Britain's Cross Stitcher Mag
Issue 213

So, there you have it..... more stash....plus a couple of ongoing trades which are always a sublime experience for me.
Well, that is about it. I hope to post pictures soon of a stitch or two.

Happy stitches......

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Keli said...

Hi, Sending you good thoughts about your weight loss. Years ago, I too gained massive amounts of weight do to meds. Can't remember the name but it was something that a person with poly cystic ovaries should never take. I also tried Weight Watches. The points system really didn't help, but they did teach me how to make good choices and their newer cook books are good also.