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I have collected incredible amounts of cross stitch magazines in my over 30+ years of cross stitching. I enjoy knitting, crocheting and cross stitch. In May 2011 I decided to make my dream of sharing my love of needlecrafts a reality and started the online shop, The Stitcher's Market along with hubby. My biggest hope is to pass on my love of stitching to my children. Let's face it, some one has to inherit all my stash. I am shy, but I truly appreciate everyone's comments and friendship. I am glad to help anyone who needs any stitching information. I love to have giveaways and share other bloggers giveaways, so please stop by often. Enjoy your stay!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Knit, Knit, Knit, RRIIIIPPPPP Twice

There you have it and I thought I was doing so well.

Don't know what to say, well, I do know what I want to say, but this is a G rated blog. It is very heartbreaking to get both front panels knitted up to the neck to see that one side is off, then to fix it to note that it was correct in the first place. Look at the other panel and not be able to figure out how to even the panel out with the mistakenly ripped out opposite panel.... so to make everything even..... I RIPPED out both panels in order to start over.

Hopefully, I have learned what the panels are supposed to look like and will be able to knit them when my hands are looser.

Please send happy knitting vibes.... I don't think I could rip it out again....

Grateful stitches......

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is it Me???

First of all, I think I am on a cross stitch wanting binge! Every chart I see, I want. Aside from that, the ones I want are the most expensive foreign charts that have to be purchased in Euros. I am not complaining, just observing that my tastes are truly expensive. This is setting aside that I have more charts and magazines in my stash that would take me 10 lifetimes to stitch.

There is a part of me that is thankful, I only stitch with DMC or Sullivan's overdyed (some WDW and Crescent Colors too) because that keeps the cost a bit lower. I am scared to look at the silks because then I would truly be lost. LOL.

This makes it hard to buy Christmas gifts for myself. The only alternative is to buy them all a bit at a time.

My favorites are Renato Parolin, Isabelle Vautier, Filigram, AAN, AMAP, Nimue and so many others that the list would be 3 posts long. All I am saying is that no matter how much I have designers are coming up with the newest and freshest ideas that are must-haves to me. That is awesome because it keeps the art alive and fresh and evolving.

Do you also feel this way? Are you even more lost than I am? Are you a lifetime collector?
Do you have lifetimes of stitching collected and still collect more and more? Are we cross-stitch hoarders?????

I call it my retirement fund.

Supportive stitches.....

Je t'aime, un peu, beaucoup

Or otherwise known as "My heart avatar".

I have finally found the information for this gorgeous heart:
Magazine: Mains & Merveilles Broiderie Creative
Special Marquoirs
Number: 13
Published: 2007
67 gorgeous pages.

Creator: Isabelle Vautier

It is the cover project.

The samplers in the magazine are all created by Isabelle Vautier and Michele Rain.

They are only samplers in this magazine.

There are so many more that I would want to stitch because they are all beautiful.

Little red stitches to all .....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Couple of WIPS

Happiness is knitting, cross stitching, blogging and figuring out how to make a collage of WIPS. Not all in that order, but very close.Blogging has taken a back seat lately because there hasn't been much going on to blog about. A kind of lull which I used to get a head-start on my DD's Christmas sweater. I think it is a bit obvious that it will be for Christmas, but I am making a bit bigger so that she may use it for Valentine's Day as well. Of course it is not to gauge!! You know me!! But, my thoughts on a baby's gauge is: Better bigger than smaller. That is because by the time I finish, usually the baby has grown an inch or more. So, I make the sleeves a little longer, even if I have to roll them up a bit for a month or two.

It is bittersweet when she outgrows them, but I keep her sweaters together as a memento for her. Hopefully she will treasure them as an adult.

Posted by PicasaWIPS I am working on

Today is a Netflix day. I will stream movies and knit or cross stitch while I hear and see them. Sometimes I do that do you?

The teddy bear picture is one from my Disney WIP. I have no idea how long it will take to stitch and I am in no hurry.

This is the Disney WIP as it is now:

Posted by Picasa

That is it for this entry. Going back to create some more...

Cross those stitches......