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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Couple of WIPS

Happiness is knitting, cross stitching, blogging and figuring out how to make a collage of WIPS. Not all in that order, but very close.Blogging has taken a back seat lately because there hasn't been much going on to blog about. A kind of lull which I used to get a head-start on my DD's Christmas sweater. I think it is a bit obvious that it will be for Christmas, but I am making a bit bigger so that she may use it for Valentine's Day as well. Of course it is not to gauge!! You know me!! But, my thoughts on a baby's gauge is: Better bigger than smaller. That is because by the time I finish, usually the baby has grown an inch or more. So, I make the sleeves a little longer, even if I have to roll them up a bit for a month or two.

It is bittersweet when she outgrows them, but I keep her sweaters together as a memento for her. Hopefully she will treasure them as an adult.

Posted by PicasaWIPS I am working on

Today is a Netflix day. I will stream movies and knit or cross stitch while I hear and see them. Sometimes I do that do you?

The teddy bear picture is one from my Disney WIP. I have no idea how long it will take to stitch and I am in no hurry.

This is the Disney WIP as it is now:

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That is it for this entry. Going back to create some more...

Cross those stitches......


cucki said...

wow they are all so lovely..keep well dear and happy stitching xx

Linda said...

I just found your blog not to long ago. The red sweater is cute. I love the Disney piece. Can you tell me where I might find the chart.


Beth said...

I know what you mean, I am waaayyy behind on posting and especially reading blogs - my reader says there are over 400 to read. I think I am going to give up on the oldest ones and just try to stay up on in from now on. Wish me luck.

Your Christmas sweater looks darling. I knitted ones for my kids when they were little. DGD has worn DD's since then.

That Disney project looks massive, but fantastic!! Good luck with it.

sharine said...

I totally agree with you on making baby jumpers a bit bigger. I have a box full of knitted jumpers from my girls that I have saved. Your disney wip looks great to.

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Cucki, you are the sweetest person. Always replying to my intermittened posts. Thank you!

Linda, thank you so much for you reply on the sweater and Disney piece. The piece is an adaptation.
The Castle is an Art of Disney kit called "The Castle" it has been retired for years now. The rest of the characters are from vintage, out of print magazines from the 1990's that were published in Europe. Some where published in Brazil as well. The coach is from a Kooler Studio Design, Cinderella. I believe that one is still in print.

Beth, 400 is a lot! Thanks for the motivation on the Disney WIP. Isn't knitting for little children divine? It feels good. Knitting for adults takes too much time LOL.
Thanks for reading and your reply. Now, I guess there are 399 left!

Sharine, you are my mentor!! You know I adore your piece. If anyone wants to see it, go to her blog! She is the MASTER of a HUGE HUGE, did I say HUGE Heaven and Earth Design (Faery Tales, I believe) where definite patience is needed. It looks WONDERFUL and unfortunately blogger does not deem me worthy to comment on your posts. Thank you for replying to mine. Do you go to the box and remember when? Sometimes I see the little sweaters and think, where has time gone? Thanks for your encouragement with the Disney WIP. That will be my masterpiece along with my children.

The red heart that I have as my avatar is a reader favorite as well. All I remember is that it is an Isabelle Vautier design that came out in a French Magazine around 2007 or so. It is the cover design of I think De File en Aiguille. I still have to find the magazine in my stash. I am so addicted to magazines, you can't imagine, but once I find it I will post the cover here. I think it is OOP as well.

Thank you for reading and FOR SURE a giveaway to come soon!! really!!

Hugs to all!

Mouse said...

awww think the wee one will look lovely in the sweater and that Disney one looks fab :) love mouse xxx

Lynn said...

The sweater looks very sweet and will look darling on your DD! The Disney piece is adorable too!

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Mouse and Lynn: Thanks for making my day! I love comments and great compliments. I went to a blog where the author counted down on Christmas day.... I am so behind, I must be stitching for 2 Christmases from now. LOL....

Thanks for liking the little sweater. I have the back finished. The two arms are almost finished and then only the fronts and collar to do. If I have time, I will make a hat for her too.... she is going to need one... a matching one.

The Disney piece is my baby. Glad you like it!

Much love to you both!

Charity C. said...

Very cute projects that you are working on!