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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Cross Stitch Ideas

Ocean Waves
c. 2007, Reader's Digest

This is the project that kept popping into my head for the baby's room.
It is not too clear, but you can see the boat on the top and the dolphin on the top.

Then, as I was looking through the book, I found these:

Beach Holiday
c. 2007 Reader's Digest

This design is filled with kites, ships, lighthouses, crabs sandcastles and fish.
I think that it plays very nicely with the following.

c. 2007 Reader's Digest

c. 2007 Reader's Digest

Although these aren't what I usually stitch, I think that they will look great together. There is also a "Farm Animal" sampler that uses the same colors. They will definitely be wonderful to use as teaching pieces.

I am not completely convinced about these because I think that they are too masculine. Let's see what happens. At least I found them.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

~~218 Days To Go~~

.... and I still haven't chosen a cross stitch baby theme.

Today I pulled out 43 Disney Cross Stitch magazines and could not choose if i wanted a Disney Babies theme. Since we won't know if it is a boy or a girl I have no idea which characters to choose.

The only chart that pops into my mind every 30 minutes or so is a Noah's ark chart or something like it. I don't know in which book I have it in. It has a very cute boat on top and underneath layers of water with fish dispersed all throughout. It is sooooo cute and I know it is in a hardcover book.... maybe a Kooler Studio book ..... hmmmm.....

I have all of the Kooler Studio, Linda Gillium, nursery and baby books so I will check on those.

Another theme, to which I am very partial is "French angels". You know, the monochome angels playing harps and everything else. Little cherubs sitting and playing..... only thing that stops me is the thought that they may be too feminine.

With my eldest, we had a Winnie the Pooh theme. My youngest was Kooler Studio Teddy Bear theme..... hmmmm, with this little one, I am stumped.

Lately my hormones are out of whack, although I am very calm on the outside, inside I am a horrific mess..... I want to cry and I am pretty much out of my mind with worry and fear. I wish my doctor would be a little more positive than quoting me miscarriage statistics for a woman my age. The age issue is getting very old .... I have a mother and a birth certificate who are very loyal to tell me how old I am...... My thoughts are that if my body is able to get pregnant, then it must think it is pretty young still....

It's hard to be positive, when your own doc is so negative....Thankfully, my time with her is short and soon, I will be released to my high-risk OB doc. Of course, since my last pregnancy, my OB has stopped deliverying, so I will go to his associate who is supposed to be excellent as well while my OB will do the sonograms (his new expertise). I have already stated I have had enough of the "gloom and doom" docs. " I want a highly positive, highly optimistic and experienced OB who will get me from "me" to "we" safely.

Anyway, my knitting project is still on hold until I can get my hormonal mind straight and figure out how to sew it together without tossing it. (Maybe a finishing service will come in handy).

Off to find some baby charts.....