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I have collected incredible amounts of cross stitch magazines in my over 30+ years of cross stitching. I enjoy knitting, crocheting and cross stitch. In May 2011 I decided to make my dream of sharing my love of needlecrafts a reality and started the online shop, The Stitcher's Market along with hubby. My biggest hope is to pass on my love of stitching to my children. Let's face it, some one has to inherit all my stash. I am shy, but I truly appreciate everyone's comments and friendship. I am glad to help anyone who needs any stitching information. I love to have giveaways and share other bloggers giveaways, so please stop by often. Enjoy your stay!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AccuQuilt on Sale

For all the USA readers of my blog, I thought you would want to know that Joann Fabric and Craft stores are having a sale on their AccuQuilt Go! on Labor Day Weekend. From Fri.-Mon., Sept. 2-5, the AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutting Machine sells for $199.99 each. That is a great price when you figure that the regular price is $349.00.

So, if you have been signing up for giveaway after giveaway for the AccuQuilt Go! Baby and haven't won, maybe the sale for the bigger version is right up your alley.

Speaking of giveaways, I am 24 followers shy of my next giveaway! Please let your friends know about my blog. I can't wait to meet them and share my stash!

Stitching and stashing stitches....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing ALICIA and my WIP

A lovely surprise greeted me on an unexpected and "coupon-less" trip to Joann Fabrics today. Especially sweet since a few months ago I mildly ranted at the store that I didn't understand how or why a Joann Fabrics shop would not order a Joann Fabrics exclusive. They order their exclusive fabrics (which I buy), and their exclusive notions and cutsie items (which I buy), so why not their exclusive Gingher scissors (which I want to buy)?

So, today as I walked toward the Halloween fabrics...BLINK, BLINK, BLINK... were my eyes deceiving me? I hadn't heard of any new Gingher releases other than TESSA which are coming soon, but faster than fast my legs rushed toward the peg wall and introduced myself to ALICIA and let her know she was coming home with me to be with her sisters.

She was a little more than I was looking to spend because I was "coupon-less" and our shops do not give you the coupon price without the coupon. (I always ask because I am always "coupon-less" and always get the same answer). But, I couldn't wait for the coupon or the sale because then they would be sold-out. Been there, done that LOTS of times and then I am at the mercy of eBay where I bid and bid and don't win. (Elena and a couple of others have slipped me by).

Afterward, I went to Michael's where I purchased a few educational aids for my daughter. Once I paid for them, I remembered, I own a gift card for Michael's that I haven't used in my pocketbook (yes, the one I had with me). Oh well, I'll use that one for my son once his school projects are given.

So there you have it...my stash buying afternoon. What? What? You are waiting for pictures of ALICIA and my WIP????? Okay.... just because you asked so nicely.....

Alicia and my WIP
scissor handle is light teal, dark peacock flowers, a few green leaves, couple of scroll leaves
WIP: Freebie from Liselotte.

And for the quilters here is a picture of my pink stash. (of course only a miniscule amount of it).

Hope you have enjoyed your stay!

Friendly stitches....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fixed It!

Days after I started the correcting process, my blog now shows a sidebar. Not only that, but I learned alot about html tags and blog design.

Unfortunately, I had to delete two blog entries because the html code was so messy and disconnected that in order to save the blog I had to sacrifice them. It was a tough decision because the entries had the most follower comments I had ever received and I thrive on them. But, as Spock said, "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few." I did not want to transfer the blog to another blog program and then possibly lose even more entries.

I wanted to update you because your readership means a great deal to me. Soon, other entries with pictures will follow and the blog will be up-to-speed again.

Thanks for your patience,


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WANTED: Unbiased Accuquilt Reviews

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by and spending some time with me!!

I have updated a few giveaways on my sidebar and let me tell you they get better and better every week. Stitchers are a generous bunch! Glad to be in such wonderful company.

If you have read my blog, you know that I read alot (stitch a little), collect even more, and love having giveaways.

Anywhoooo, through my blog-hopping, I have encountered countless Accuquilt giveaways and over-the-top reviews of a cutter that can do no wrong. Usually these reviews are from bloggers who have received an Accuquilt Go! Baby from Accuquilt and are having a free giveaway as well sponsored by Accuquilt.

So, I am looking for unbiased reviews of Accuquilt products. Have you used them? Do you like them? Would you buy them? What's the downside? If you have had any contact with one of the babies.... let me know via a comment. You would be helping lots of other stitchers who have the same question!!

Remember that I will have a giveaway once I reach 100 readers and then subsequent giveaways at each 50+ marker. If you are a new reader, I would be glad to trade blogroll space.

Curious stitches...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Please help me grow... Blog Challenge

One of my blogging goals and hopes for this year 2011 is not only to blog more (of course), but to grow its readership community.

I enjoy blog reading and am so inspired by the creativity I see everyday in them. If you are also looking to expand your blog readership, I would love to trade blog links with you. Whether it is a quilting, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, tatting, weaving, patchwork, written in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian or any combination thereof, I would be glad to trade links and add yours on my blogroll on my side bar.

When I reach 100 readers and at every additional 50 reader mark, I will have a giveaway. My blog challenge for 2011 is to reach 500 readers.

Please leave me a comment on this entry with your blog address. Together we can help each other grow and meet lots of other bloggers with the similar interests.

Thanks for your support. I appreciate every single friend who reads my blog. Your comments make me very happy!!

Growing stitches to all ....

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm In Love..... Shhhhhhhh!!!!!

People that know me know that they just have to start talking about European landmarks or travelling to get me to talk. I enjoy travelling very much. If exchanging money wasn't so expensive, I would be on a perpetual vacation. Friends that know me know that I am a wimp when it comes to collecting landmark souvenirs, fabrics, cross stitch charts, cutsie cartoon characters .... yeah that is me.

If Paddington Bear is at a train station with his luggage..... I am either bidding for it, entering a contest for it or hunting for it. (yeah, I got it... LOL).

Something else about me, even though I think it is over the top. I think that everything has feelings. I guess that I transfer the feelings of the creator to their creation. If I have nothing nice to say about something, after I bite my tongue enough so it bleeds, I say nothing at all. Yeah, sometimes my silence speaks volumes. Other times, I really have nothing to say. Anyway this is important because......

I really, truly go over the top with the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Pyramids everything, except the NYC landmarks. **Yes, yes, that is so horrible of me** I have been that way for a very long time. I have friends/family who go on and on about the Empire State Building and Central Park. I just can't find the honeymoon love-affair with it. Maybe it is because I take it for granted. I can go there whenever I want.

The only NYC landmark that I miss everyday is the World Trade Center. I used to work there for many years and knew people who were killed there. Ground Zero is in my heart and will always be. Holds a place like no other. I was there the Sunday before it came down and will always remember it.

Back to happier things.... soooo.... now that you know my souvenir / cross stitching / fabric weaknesses.... let me tell you about the place that I have fallen in love with.....

New York City! The other day I found the most beautiful fabrics depicting the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, NYC taxis, Broadway and so many other NYC landmarks that I just fell in love with the city all over again. Now, I can't wait to go and look at the Empire State Building again!

By the way, there are a few places that I have been to that I think are the most beautiful on earth.... the nightime NYC skyline from the BQE breathtaking, especially when the Empire State building is lit up in colors. The Eiffel Tower, any day, any hour. Big Ben at night, Cinderella's Castle Disney World at night especially. There is one place on earth that I could watch all day and night... the Cathedral at Cologne. I could sit across the bridge and look at it all day. So peaceful there. I am sure that there are lots of other places I think beautiful, but those are the first that come to mind.

Yesterday I received a card from Parsley, I am in her pen-pal exchange. Thank you for the wonderful post card!! It touched me to see that you take such a personal interest in the exchanges that you moderate.

My penpal as well, sent me not just a card, but Weeks Dye Works flosses and her favorite cross stitch designs and I am just INCREDIBLY HUMBLED to have received such a wonderful package with some of my favorite WDW colors... Dophin was in there and I have loved that color for years. I was spoiled by her and I will pass on that generosity to the person that I am sending to. The ring of generosity will grow with me.

Gosh, I also have the quilting bug and I am seriously considering getting an Accuquilt Go! Baby because I ain't winning one LOL....(okay, I haven't entered any of the Accuquilt giveaways..... LOL). Anyway, I have a week's vacation coming up and it does not look like we are going away this time because things are just tooooo expensive. I may just take a CRAFTING VACATION. (hmmmmmmm.... that is a thought).

As you may know, I will have a giveaway when I reach 100 friendly readers. I am soooooo itching to have another one! Would you let your blogging friends know so I may reach 100 readers quicker? I have blogged almost 5 years and am averaging 12 readers a year.... *thanks for being my friendly reader* I never take you for granted.

Well, there you have it, the longest post I have ever written, I think. No pics, but at least you know me better (if you have read the whole thing).

Souvenir stitches.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Happened....

My 12 year-old DS is taller than me. I think it happened a few months ago while he was 11, but the high heels kept me in denial. Bittersweet moment 3/4 of me is happy that he is getting taller and handsomer.... 1/4 of me is sad that I am the second shortest in my home.

Soon, I will have everyone sit in front of me while I stand, so I can feel tall again LOL....LOL...

Stitch away..

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Has everyone seen the cover of this wonderful magazine? Well, if you haven't here it is:

It's 100 pages and is expected to arrive early September just in time for Halloween stitching. I already see a few favorites on the cover that I would like to stitch. Do you?

The Stitcher's Market is having a great pre-order sale that you may be interested in. They are also pre-ordering the Gingher's Tessa scissors, so if you are interested in those let them know.

Here is a picture of the Tessa, new Gingher scissor due out around September:

Those are gorgeous aren't they? I have managed through the years to get a few Gingher's in my collection. Still, I am missing a lot of them. Maybe one day, I will be able to find the older ones at a reasonable price. Sometimes eBay prices are just not reasonable for my budget.

Sharing the sale with my friends here because you never know when info comes in handy.

Finally put in a couple of stitches on a freebie I just had to stitch! That is a great feeling!

Stitch, stitch.....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dixie Samplar is still Blogging! (Giveaway)

Yuppers she is and not only that but she is having a giveaway as well.

So head on down there and let her know that you are happy she is back online.

Thanks for passing by today and becoming a friendly follower. When I get to 100 friendly followers, I will have a fabulous giveaway!

Hope to get some stitching pics up in the next few days.

Good luck to all who enter the giveaways I have posted. If you are a winner, please come back and let us know.

Lucky stitches to all!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Three Cross Stitch Giveaways!!!

Now that I started followng LOTS of blogs, I figure it would only be fair to read them as well, right? In reading I have come across the following blogs that are having giveaways! These are THREE cross stitch giveaways.




If you like my listing the giveaways that I find while blog reading, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I enjoy hearing from you and reading your blog. I reciprocate blogroll listings and love to share my enthusiasm of needlework with everyone. It would make me very happy to have many blog friends. At 100 blog friends, I will have a wonderful giveaway!!

Good luck to all!

Stitch away, my friends......CSQ

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome Amy! My sponsor....

I have a secret to confess. Now, that I think about it, I pretty much confessed it a couple of blog articles back, but if you are just catching up with my blog, well, I will confess it again....

I was a quilter wannabe

I have changed my ways.... I am now a


I have always wanted to create heirloom quilts. Leave significant things for my children to remember my by. The memories and the good times are great, but there is something about a quilt that in my mind is the epitome of love. Don't get me wrong, cross stitch will always be my first love. If you really think about it..... a quilt is made up of tiny backstitches and backstitching has always been my favorite thing to do.

So, as I blog stalked, I found a wonderful quilting website: A Quilting Sheep. It's a wonderful place to go. I felt sooooo welcome and I read and read and then I saw a link to another blog (isn't that the way it always is... LOL). It was at Stash Manicure that I saw the light. There are alot of Quilter Wantobe's. I am not alone. There are others that can't cut a straight line, others like me who have stash and don't know what to do with it. Worse yet, I am scared make a mess of it and then have to throw the pretty fabric away.

So I joined the Wantobe a Quilter Campaign. Not for the prizes, but because maybe, just maybe I may get one block done and then another, and then another..... who knows..... a quilt may finally be born.

I share this story with you because maybe you are also interested in maybe learning something new, or maybe you have lots of quilting fabric stash that you really wish you could create an heirloom with.

I share my wish to be a quilter with you and you and you and you and all so that we can all support each other in piecing together our dream quilts, tablerunners, pillows, Christmas ornaments, toys etc.

Please consider Amy as your sponsor for the Wantobe a Quilter Campaign. I am glad that I found her.

Happy stitching from the

Creative Serial Quilter

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Third Accuquilt Go! Baby Giveaway!!!

Hope every friendly follower is reading my blog, or else, you would be missing my giveaway listings. LOL.

I have found a third Accuquilt giveaway. These little fabric cutters are HOT HOT HOT. The more I see them, the more I want one

Love to hear from you if you are reading my blog.

Good luck to all!!


A Second Accuquilt Go! Baby Giveaway

Still hopping and sharing!

Most of all hoping that at least one of my friends who read my blog win a wonderful Accuquilt Go! Baby. Here is another giveaway for one of the hottest fabric cutters around.

I have listed the ongoing giveaways on the right side of my blog.

I appreciate any "Hi's" "Hello's". They really make me happy!! If you would like to follow my blog, I promise to have a wonderful giveaway when I reach 100 friend followers.

Good luck!!

Accuquilt Go Baby Giveaway

As I blog hopped, I came across another wonderful Accuquilt Go! Baby giveaway.

Go on over and sign up.

Good luck everyone!!