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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing ALICIA and my WIP

A lovely surprise greeted me on an unexpected and "coupon-less" trip to Joann Fabrics today. Especially sweet since a few months ago I mildly ranted at the store that I didn't understand how or why a Joann Fabrics shop would not order a Joann Fabrics exclusive. They order their exclusive fabrics (which I buy), and their exclusive notions and cutsie items (which I buy), so why not their exclusive Gingher scissors (which I want to buy)?

So, today as I walked toward the Halloween fabrics...BLINK, BLINK, BLINK... were my eyes deceiving me? I hadn't heard of any new Gingher releases other than TESSA which are coming soon, but faster than fast my legs rushed toward the peg wall and introduced myself to ALICIA and let her know she was coming home with me to be with her sisters.

She was a little more than I was looking to spend because I was "coupon-less" and our shops do not give you the coupon price without the coupon. (I always ask because I am always "coupon-less" and always get the same answer). But, I couldn't wait for the coupon or the sale because then they would be sold-out. Been there, done that LOTS of times and then I am at the mercy of eBay where I bid and bid and don't win. (Elena and a couple of others have slipped me by).

Afterward, I went to Michael's where I purchased a few educational aids for my daughter. Once I paid for them, I remembered, I own a gift card for Michael's that I haven't used in my pocketbook (yes, the one I had with me). Oh well, I'll use that one for my son once his school projects are given.

So there you have it...my stash buying afternoon. What? What? You are waiting for pictures of ALICIA and my WIP????? Okay.... just because you asked so nicely.....

Alicia and my WIP
scissor handle is light teal, dark peacock flowers, a few green leaves, couple of scroll leaves
WIP: Freebie from Liselotte.

And for the quilters here is a picture of my pink stash. (of course only a miniscule amount of it).

Hope you have enjoyed your stay!

Friendly stitches....


Anonymous said...

Love it all! I especially love all the pink, but I'm a pink fan!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Love the pink...*sigh*

I did not know that Gingher (which I know next to nothing about....ok, I know the name and that's about it...) released special colored handles. I am beginning to understand another reason why they are so popular, besides they are very good scissors, correct?

Gabi said...

Love your Wip. And your scissors are most gorgeous.

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Momma Sunshine: Thanks for your comment. I am turning into a pink fan since I had my DD. I wanted to let you know that I think that your stitching is superb! For some reason, your blog doesn't let me post comments. I have tried 3 times in the last week.

Amy, oh yes!! They are highly sought after, especially in the cross stitch community. The retired 4" designer Gingher's go for hundreds of USD$$ on eBay. I have seen them won at $285.00. They also have the designer dressmaker shears which of course are a bit more expensive when they come out (maybe $50?), I don't follow those much, but they are usually found longer than the 4" of the same design. They also come in 5" but I have never purchased those. They are really pretty. If you have a chance, google them or go on ebay and see the pics.

Thanks Gabi, for passing by. Lately I enjoy hearts and scrolls. Halloween is coming soon and most of the fabrics I have purchased are scrolls...can't get enough of the scrolls.

Have a great day everyone! Remember that once I have 100 followers I will have a giveaway!


Parsley said...

PINK!!! Oh how I adore pink!

sharine said...

your wip is looking great and your new scissors are very cute as well

JillMN said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I really love my new scissors...peacock feathers...of course I would!

I love your pink stuff. I stitch pink to honor my friend who passed away from breast cancer.

Happy Stitching :)

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Love your scissors. Is Alicia a new design? I have quite a pairs of the past designs but kind of 'stopped looking' when I actually realised just how many pairs I did have.

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Thanks for passing by Just Me. Yes Alicia is the newest Gingher scissor. It's a Joann's exclusive.
I went today and they were all gone. Only the Dressmaker Shears were left. My Joann's only ordered 6.

I also heard that Joann Fabrics online is sold out.

Tessa is coming out soon. Shops will be carrying that one soon.

Have a great day! Huggies for Ben...