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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Mouse, A Mouse !!!!!! I screamed.....

Where, where???????? He looked.....

In my defense as a first time developer I am always trying to make sure that everything stays clean. So as I opened the gates to my development, happy to see my magical construction team at work after their vacation, I saw a mouse and I just screamed. Poor thing started shaking and quivering and suddenly out of nowhere in a puff of smoke Maleficent appeared.

"My dear, this is Gus. Why are you so terrified of this well meaning mouse?" Speechless I stood, looking at Gus, asking forgiveness with my eyes.

"Dahhling, if you are terrified of Gus, there is no telling how you will be when 'THE' mouse comes to town."

" 'THE' mouse? You mean there are more mice??" I asked.

" Well of course, but there is only ONE mouse, 'THE' most important mouse of them all, the Big Kahuna, the big cheese, the mouse that all look up to. When he comes you will know and he expects to see you HAPPY. For he is a happy mouse."

"How will I know, when he arrives?
"You will know, my dear. Now, I must leave you two alone. Please get to know each other and try not to wake up the neighborhood." And just as she came, in a puff of smoke she was gone.
So that is how I met Gus. Dear, bright and helpful Gus, who loves Cinderella very much, was sorry that he startled me so and thought I had met very bad mice in life. He assured me that all of the mice that would come to my development would be friendly mice and those that were not, he would have at them. Gus is funny too.
I didn't have time to meet Cinderella, but Gus was sure that she liked the Castle, and would most likely come to live there. It is very exciting to think that Cinderella and her Prince Charming are thinking of making my development their home.
Before I leave, here are pictures of Gus in the neighborhood!

All Disney images are copyright by Disney and taken from licensed cross stitch kits and magazines.
Cinderella's coach is c. by Kooler Design Studio.

Magical stitches to all......


Lisa said...

How fun...what a wonderful way to blog about the progress of your Disney piece. I was immediately drawn into the story and wondering where it would take me. Was there a mouse in your house that you were blogging about...no, it was a wonderfully creative way blog about a WIP! Thank you for the smile that has shown up on my face to start my Tuesday!
Have an awesome day and hope Gus makes it magical for you as well!

una sognatrice newyorkese said...

hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! yes Romy is very nice, she gave me tips that noboby else did!
nice post today, very creative! sorry for my english! bye, Ezia.