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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cross Stitch Stashing

These days I have been on the wagon. I stitched very little and purchased even less. The LNS near me was having a sale and I missed it. So after stashing at a fearless speed for the first few months of the year, April and May went by without much to add.

Although I have to say that I have started to trade again. For many years I traded non-stop until 4 years ago when I stopped because I got tired. This year I have added three wonderful ladies to my trading circle and I am thrilled because friendships have formed and their works inspire me everyday.

Have you noticed my 2009 Finishes have been growing?? Well, yesterday I started and completed another Christmas ornament which brings my total to 6. I am soooooo happy because my goal is to stitch a set of 12 of the same ornament (6 in green and 6 in red). I have ideas on how to finish them, but still need to set everything up. The idea is to use these ornaments on a pine swag decoration.

Okay, okay, you thought I wasn't going to post pictures, right?? You thought I would have another camera excuse.... yeah, yeah.... well SURPRISE SURPRISE....

Joy, Love, Peace
c. JBW 2007 "Christmas Keepsakes II"

Joy, Love, Peace
c. 2007 JBW, "Christmas Keepsakes II"

Here is a Disney Pooh ornament that I stitched in 2005 which has not been "finished"yet. I hope to correct that and have a wonderful ornament to hang on our tree this year.

c. Disney, Pooh Ornament

This is my latest non-holiday finish. It is stitched with DMC Variations. I think that DMC Variations is a wonderful thread reasonably priced thread. The colors are really pretty, even though I really miss the DMC variegated threads. Whenever I see the variegated for sale, I always pick them up.

c. Mary Hickmott 2009

Well, there you have it. That is pretty much what I have done these days. As usual, I have high hopes for tomorrow and the rest of this evening.

By the way..... soon, I will be posting a Disney Neighborhood picture.......

Stitching the night away........

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