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Sunday, November 22, 2009

So now I feel really badly :((, but blessed.....

I just started looking and reading lots of blogs and I see how much I missed during my hiatus. There is LOTS to catch up on and I feel badly that I really missed so much. :(

What can I say?? Not much, really, only that I can try to do better in keeping up with all the cross stitch stuff and start stitching again.

I really do love everything that everyone has stitched. The new charts and kits coming out of Europe are truly divine. I must get online and purchase something.

Now that my daughter is coming, I must admit I am very much decided on monchromatic, romantic designs for her especially of angels. So, I will go into my French magazine stash and search and search for all the things that I want to stitch.

Well, things are not so bad really, I did spend this time resting and there was not much else that I could do except rest and knit. Right now I do have one sweater that is almost pieced together. I did crochet another. I have about three blankets going strong and one cupcake hat to show for all the time I was away.

I will start going to the doctor every two weeks now. There are about 80 more days to go. Unfortunately, I can not say that I LOVED being pregnant. I can say that I KNOW it is all worth it. I am happy that things are going well for the baby and that she has grown immensely during this time. I am thrilled that I will have a daughter once these 9 months are over. I am thrilled that I am going to be a mother again. I am soooooo excited that I was able to have another baby. Things are so cheery and wonderful for me, except the fact that I am tired all the time and I barely have enough energy to walk 6 feet without having to sit down and rest. My asthma flared up badly and I was on many medications to control it. Still trying to control the angry monster.

All in all I am confident that delivery will go well and that at the end, I will have a wonderful, beautiful, healthy daughter to hold and love for the rest of my life. For that I am thankful this year. Most of all, I do believe that good things do come to those who wait and that not everything comes easy. I took the harder path and that has made all the difference.

Very thankful for all my friends who have emailed me and helped me to get through the hard days. Thank you for all the wonderful wishes and warm thoughts.

Wishing all thankful stitches......


Marylène said...

Hi Maria !

Oh it's a very good new to read you and to see you again today on your blog !
Every day I come here to look your posts and I was very sad and worried for you...
So here you are, I mailed you and I hope that all is well or better now for you.
Hugs and kisses from France Maria from Marylène

dixiesamplar said...


So glad all is on the mend...I pray that you and your sweet baby girl will be healthy and happy! What an exciting and, albeit, exhausting time for you!