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Monday, March 2, 2009

Spotlight *** Claudia's Cross Stitch Blog ***

Today is a "snow day" for me in as there is LOTS of snow on the ground. Let us just say that it reaches my knees and I am a woman of average height. When we could not shovel the car out of the driveway on my way to work, I should have taken it as a clue to stay home. Yet, I persisted, and still got nowhere. Thus, I am home today.

What is a cross-stitch addict to do at home on a day like this??? Well, I am smiling from ear to ear and I am also reading blogs and reading more blogs and thinking about stitching the wonderful stash I have at home. Who wouldn't after seeing so many beautiiiiiiiiful things that my sister stitchers have created.

So, as I surfed and skimmed, I had a chance to take my time and really immerse myself in a blog which kept me reading and reading and reading. Very inspiring crafts"woman"ship and awesome stitching. Without further ado I am spotlighting on my blog today:

Claudia's blog is very well put together. Her pictures and her way of bringing the crafted items to life via her pictures is awesome. The presentation is fabulous in that the crafter feels that they can touch the items. The craft"woman"ship is very detailed and exquisite. The stitches are crisp and very feminine.

I enjoyed the presentation of all of the cross stitched items. Whether they were hers or someone elses, the pictures sang of the love that was put into all of the pieces. From the curios brimming with needlework to the solo shots of beautifully worked and thought out pieces, one feels that every item has a personality and is in harmony with the others.

Each item is special and one can feel the uniqueness of the piece as presented by her. Claudia must have lots of stitching friends because her exchange pieces are fabulous and well thought out. Truly an inspirational blog for all to see.

One of the best things that I particularly like about her blog is its bilingual setting. Claudia speaks to her native stitcher's as well to the international stitcher who is versed in English. I think everyone should have a look at her inspirational blog. It has gotten my creative stream flowing and I am sure yours will be too.

Thank you Claudia for sharing your cross stitch world with us! I for one appreciate it very much!! Brava.......
Glorious stitches to all..........

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