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Saturday, March 14, 2009

When will Spring Arrive??

Flu Type B

There you have it, not a pretty picture, but the reality of what is going on in my home. The little one has been sick in what seems like forever. Already 3 days of school missed and the fever rages on.

The coughing which almost made me run for the hills has now become white noise. Just another noise in the background. It comes in sets of three. Once I hear 5 or six in a row I know about 10 more are coming. It seems that the little one has lost wieght or is toning up the midsection with all the coughing, either way, everytime I look, I can almost swear someone has grown taller. Soon, very soon, I fear, I will be the shortest one in the house.

All of this has only placed me here for the weekend. Although the sun is out, it is cold for me at least and with my nursing duties in full force, I have made very good friends with my needle and thread again.

A little later on today, I will show you what I have been up to.

I also want to thank you for stopping by and reading my little blog. It means a great deal to me that seven people have decided to follow my adventures. Thought you should know that that I appreciate every visit and every kind comment you leave behind. It keeps me motivated to blog as much as possible.

Kind stitches to all .....


Miss 376 said...

Sounds very like my house this week. Thankfully, they are away this weekend so I can enjoys myself. Hope you enjoy your stitching time

Lisa said...

Your house sounds like my house too! In my house we share everything, so the spring cold/flu has been passed around and around all 4 of us. I decided it was ok to be selfish, that no one has to share anymore - infact I decided a trip to dr would for meds for ME would be a positive self-fish thing!
And I love the comment about the growing kids. Having 2 boys who look at me straight in the eyes, makes it difficult to discipline, but I think they still know that mom has the ultimate upper hand :) AT least I hope!
Take care...I will stop by often!