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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Little Stashing does the Spirit Good.....

As many of you know, I read LOTS of stitching blogs on a daily basis, even though I should be stitching. I have no defense for that as I am as addicted as a stitcher can get on stitching and reading blogs. Sometimes if I am really lucky I can go to the MECCA of stash (no, not my closet, although close... my garage LOL) no, no, no, my LNS.

I may have spoken of my LNS here before, can't remember, but http://www.lazydaisystitchery.com is a great place to go to when the stashing urge strikes. It's a fairly new shoppe, maybe two years old and it is a boon to us because it is the only one around. I know, I know, you can't believe it....but it is true. We in the New York City area went a LONG time without one.

The owner is a really nice lady who treats her customers and doesn't ignore you like some other shopkeepers do. I love her fiber wall because I get to see the thread colors up close and personal and that makes a great difference. That wall has only helped to turn me into a Weeks Dye Works addict and when I buy them I buy multiples of one color. This week, Cross Stitch Queen, has selected # 1161 Hydrangea as her personal favorite. For a few weeks, Eucalyptus was my favorite to the point where I have a half dozen in my stash waiting for that perfect project. Don't worry, I only have 4 of the Hydrangea....

Her fabbies are delish and I simply adore her curio where she displays the scissors and all those accessories that I would love to have. She carries all the lastest rage of charts and although I don't always fall into range, I have lots of trading partners that do, so its a great place to go and pick up goodies for them.

My latest haul looked like this:

Not the biggest haul, but a quality haul. I got my WDW and sneaked in a Crescent Threads too. Something that is VERY NEW for me is the HOB NOBB design, "Winter is Over". It is not the design that did it for me, because I am not too into it , it is the button that had me the minute that I saw it. I did not have the heart to leave the little guy behind.

Another item that is new for me is the JBW design "Christmas Keepsakes II", in my mind I kept seeing all the exchange blogs with the really simple, but charming Christmas ornaments and thought, "I can do that and make it elegant too".

Other than that the owner must think I have ADD, but in reality I have CADD, (Crafters Attention Deficit Disorder), because I did not now where to go first, or second just looking at all the wonderful things in the shop. I would be in the front, then go to the back just to go to the front again then I would think of my friends who would love this design, and my friends who stitched that design and go to the fiber wall...... What is a girl to do when at the MECCA of cross stitch ????

For all the ladies who are stitching holiday ornaments.... Holiday stitches......
For the rest of us who just want to stitch ..... Stitching wishes......


Nina said...

Hello Maria,

Ah now I see. The first time you wrote me a wrong link ;)

These scissors was a gift from my dear friend who lives in France.

But I know maybe you can buy in the ebay.
Just search like embroidery scissors,
Sometimes there are a lot of scissors ;)

Thank you for readig my blog I'm very happy :)

Have a great day,


Sorry I don't know your eail addy.

Romy said...

LOOOOL!!! the "MECCA" of Cross stitch hahaha, you really made me laugh :-)))
I exactly know what you mean, cause I felt like you last week, when I was in a couple of "FRENCH MECCA" of cross stitch, in Paris.... oh-my-god!!

Romy said...

PS: I've just been in the blog of Nina and............... I'VE GOT A PAIR OF SCISSORS LIKE THOSE :-))))))))))))).... I could send it to you, if you like it ;-))


Petra said...

Actually there's an LNS 15 mins from the Lincoln Tunnel
It's very well stocked, but I take it your in LI and don't come to Jersey much?
I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm in northern NJ and have a blog at timetostitch.livejournal.com
nice to meet a fellow stitcher in the area...