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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making Time -- Chasing Rainbows (LOST)

Well, I felt badly for Daniel, what a life always trying to please mom and never doing so. Or did he? Was she really proud and couldn't show it because she knew what his fate / destiny would be? As a mother, myself, if I think if I were in that situation, I would try everything that I could and more to change things. Maybe she did and we don't know about it.

Either way, I think that two things which are the most important points of this episode ("The Variable") deal with Daniel and his comment while playing the piano as a youngster, "I can make time". I think that his unstable mental state is due to his "making time". Remember when he says that he experimented on himself? It is my belief that he was the "bright person" who developed the pendulum at the Lamppost station.

The piano song that he plays both as a youngster and an adult, "Chasing Rainbows" is key here..... is he "chasing rainbows"? Maybe? Will he find them? Maybe not.

Now, it seems to be that Jack is the key to the past, and Locke is the key to the future. Jack may take up Daniel's cause and try to change the past. All in all it seems that Ellie is a very single-minded, and inflexible person (to put it in a nice way). Others may call her a B****, but this is a family blog, so I refrain from using such accurate language.

We are headed to the ending of Season 5 and then a few hours of Season 6 will hopefully fill in all the gaps and maybe just maybe the plane will overfly the island and land at LAX. Then, all of the passengers disembark none being the wiser and the time loop will have been broken. Yup, I am still of the time loop camp.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I have not read any of the LOST blogs yet, so I don't know if other followers are thinking the same thing.

Lost stitches.....

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