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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring has Arrived / Summer Vacation Thoughts

and none too soon for me.

As you can see I have added a little slide show filled with flowers to "spring-ify" our days. Along with the Spring come the rains but at least it is warmer and that is good enough for me. My body likes the warm temperatures.... the warmer the better..... 80 degrees is wonderful!!

It is incredible to think that school will be out for Summer Vacation in a few months, which inevitably brings up the question of where we should vacation. As everyone knows when the kids are out of school airfares and hotel prices go UP UP UP!!! I am one not to take the kid out of school just to take a vacation. This is because when the one who will most likely be taller than me in three years gets sick, school days get lost fast. Since I don't need the hassle of attendance issues, I just take the regular Summer vacation and put up with the prices.

This year there is an addition to our family... the dog. I love this dog, just adore this dog, that is why I don't know if I will go on vacation this year. It may seem sappy to some, but I can't see myself dropping off the dog at a kennel. To me, right now, that is not an option. So then we have the parents who would take care of the dog, but I don't feel comfortable because my dog is a runner, a bolter. He is a very smart dog, but when it comes to being free..... well he just doesn't know his name.... a breed defect. They do not come when called. So, I don't want to put my family through that. I think it is too much responsibility to leave him to someone else. In additon, the kid would call the grandparents every ten minutes to see if the dog is okay. That is not a vacation at all. If you have kids and pets, you know what I mean. Thank God for cell phones and free minutes. Yup, all of them were used for calls to grandma, when we went on a long weekend. So much so, that I have forgotten where we went. Just remember the calls.

This year, I made reservations for 10 days at DisneyWorld. These were made BD (before dog). I got a GREAT deal and it just so happens that I would be able to go and stay for the Halloween Party as well before school starts again. It is a DREAM for me since I have ached to go to the Halloween Party for years. This time I can go and I would love to. The French Pavillion calls my name daily and it would do me good to go and relax. The MNSSHP would be the highlight.

Another spot that is calling to me is Europe. Yes, I would gladly go to Paris, Rome or Barcelona for a week instead, if I could afford it. Of course Summer airfare prices are incredibly expensive, but this time I would prefer not to shake as I walk the cobbled European streets. It would also be my desire not to go bankrupt when exchanging currency. Last time while exchanging USD I almost cried when I saw the the pitance of Euro I had in my hand. Believe me in Paris one needs MANY MANY Euro to survive when one has a kid who worships McDonald's.

Our last resort is a 7-10 day road trip to Canada which would let our dog come with us. We would drive about 9 hours to Montreal and then to Quebec City. I have never been to Quebec City and it would be a small taste of France. There if I am lucky I would probably be able to get a few French cross stitch magazines. The wonderful thing about this vacation is that all of us would be together in a pet friendly hotel and would walk and see the city. It is not important for us to go to restaurants. As long as we can get food to go, we are okay. Plus, at this time the CDN Dollar is less expensive than the Euro, so we would not spend that much money at the Duty Free Shops. We love the Duty Free shopping in Canada..... especially with the Coffee Crisp candy bars and the perfumes. The Montreal Duty Free shop was AWESOME!!!!

So, there you have it. What do you think?

  • 10 day Disney World vacation - (no dog)
  • 7 day European vacation - (no dog)
  • Canadian vacation - (with dog)
  • Stay home, the economy is really bad (with dog)

I would like to know what you think. Please leave a comment on this post.

Thinking of Summer vacation stitching ..........


Romy said...

uhm..... 10 days (!!! WOW!!!!) Disneyworld sounds ABSOLUTELY GREAT, almost a dream!!!!
BUT.... I think you'll choose the canadian vacation so you can take with you the dog, right?

it will be wonderful wherever you'll decide to go, because you're with your family ;-)))

HUGS!! ^_^

PS: PARIS it's very expensive also for an european!!! sigh....

Diane said...

Disneyworld would definitely be my choice. I'm one of those weird people who loves Florida in the summer. Bring on the heat and the 98%(+) humidity! I LOVE it! SO much better than the 120 degree summers here in California! I can hear the choruses now of "But it's a DRY heat." PUH! It's not "dry" when you're sweating your butt off for the 45 minutes to an hour that it takes to drive the 9 miles from work to home in L.A. traffic! LOL

I've never been to Europe, would love to go someday.

I've never had a dog who didn't get car sick, so my opinion might be swayed by bad experience as far as the road trip is concerned.