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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ramblings From This Morning

Got a few things done this morning which were very worthwhile.

  • I mailed off my exchange piece to my partner. This proved to be a challenge, especially with the Priority Flat Rate International Mailer. Although I managed to stuff the envelope silly with all the rearranging I did one of the small packages still didn't fit. At that point, the pretty wrapping was practically destroyed. I went and mailed that one off while holding on to the smaller, lighter gift. Then I went to a shop, purchased a padded envelope, tissue wrap and proceeded to stuff that one too and mailed it.

    My rant is that there is no way 4 pounds is going to fit into that Priority envelope. No way no how, because I don't believe that envelope can hold 4 pounds. My envelope barely held a pound and the side-seams were bursting! Thankfully the exchange piece made it, but I was scared it would pop off the side seams off the envelope. I guess that I was extremely lucky because the clerk put clear tape on the lid and the sides.

    My final thought is that Priority Mailer may not be all it is cracked up to be. Sure it is great for magazines, and heavy flat items, but I think that if I send "fluffy" stuff, I may be better off sending a padded envelope filled with light stuff.

  • Finally purchased an ornament tree holder. Remember the shop where I purchased the padded envelope? Well, they must have known I was coming because near the office supply section was an area where they had racks and displays. On the floor was a beautiful silver-wire ornament holder in the shape of a Christmas Tree. There is space for 12 ornaments, but I will add a few on the branches as well. This tree will display my 2009 Christmas Ornaments. Will post picture soon.

  • Then it was coat shopping and I think I did well, althought the item I selected was not on sale. How does that happen, when there is an 80% off sale going on at the coat shoppe? Beats me. I still got it because it was a "need item" for my little one. It was the perfect size and still affordable.

Today, I will start knitting my dog's sweater. The yarn was in my stash from long ago so it is a sign. The pattern is a Fisherman's cable. I really like cables so it will be another experience piece for me. Will post picture as soon as I can.

All in all, it was a great day. Got alot of things done and have learned a few shipping tricks for my next go around.

Warm stitches................

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