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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Peace Love and a Cure Finished!!

Good and bad things happened today. First, the good things.

I was able to finish Lizzie Kate's "Peace, Love and a Cure" for my grandaunt during a marathon stitching event spurred on by my cousin's impromptu arrival. He will be in town for 1 and 1/2 days. Here is to hoping I will see him tomorrow and give him the gift for our grandaunt.

Every stitch is made with lots of love and "homesickness". It has been a very long time since I have seen my aunts, uncles and cousins. There are times that I wish I could get on a plane and see them, but airline tickets are so expensive for all of us to go that it becomes financially impossible.

Well, now for the bad news. I fell in the bathroom and banged my knees pretty badly against the porcelain tub. OUCH!!!! My knees are swollen. I was very lucky I did not hit my kneecaps or else I would have definitely cracked them. So, here I am hoping I will not be too sore to see my cousin tomorrow. My fingers are crossed!

Without any ado.... here is my finished Peace, Love and a Cure........

Peace, Love and a Cure

Pressed front with seam margins

Peace, Love and a Cure
in finished pillow form

The pillowback

There you have it! All done!! I really like the way that it came out. You may see that I did not stitch the peace symbol, or the flower or even the hearts because I wanted the piece to be simple and elegant. Maybe it is too simple, but it is given with so much love that I am sure it will shine through. Unfortunately, yesterday, I learned that my grandaunt is receiving daily morphine shots to help with the pain. The thought hurts my heart and I can only think of the opportunity that my cousin's impromptu visit brings me to send her the pillow.

On the knitting front, my capelet has grown immensely. I am almost on page 2 of the pattern and I am overjoyed to pieces over it. It is my plan to have it professionally steam pressed by my dry cleaner. I guess that I will be able to get lots more done while my knees heal.

As I sit here, with the movie "You've Got Mail" playing, I can't seem to stop thinking that life is pretty good. I feel emotionally at peace knowing that my stitching will help someone and that my crafting soothes my soul whenever I practice it.

Soothing stitches to all .........

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