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Friday, December 19, 2008

First Snip Hurts the Deepest

Item identity of "orphan" in this blog article has been protected so that my Christmas exchange partner will not guess at her gift. Once my exchange partner receives her item, pictures will be posted and all mysteries will be solved.

Have you ever purchased something that just called to you and you knew you would never use it, but just had to have it? That "just because" crafter's purchase. Well, that is exactly what happened to me two weeks ago. After looking throughout the store, and proceeding to the exit empty handed, I turned to see a table filled with many red boxes. Hmmmmmm, very festive set up, so I went to take a looksie.

Ahhhhhh.....how pretty. So many to choose from. I know what they are for, but am I going to use them? Hmmmmmm, yup, it's happened before, not buying something and later hoping I had. What was I to do? Well, of course, I purchased 2 sets of two designs that I loved and an extra of one that truly called to me, even though, that one I really really knew I would probably not have use for, but it was soooooo pretty. I couldn't leave it behind, so it came home with me as an "orphan".

(Now, before anyone thinks I am spending hundreds of dollars here, the total of this purchase came to less than $15.00 for 7 really nice crafting items. Yes, you know me too well, they were also on sale. There are very few things that I don't buy on sale. I use all my craft shop coupons wisely and often.)

Fast forward...two weeks later...with my Christmas Exchange cross stitched piece screaming to be finished, I remember the "orphan". Could it be? Do you think? Is it possible????? YEESSSS!!! Perfect, perfect combination!!!!

So there I am eyeballing all of the measurements sans tools and decide to start cutting the stitched fabric. OUCH, OWIE... the first snip hurts the deepest. All I could think of was to breathe deeply, in and out. Many snips and an almost nervous breakdown later, the item is finished!

In a few days, I will send the item to its new home.
Keep stitching....

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