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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Capelet Homestretch

My Christmas gift to myself was finding that I was further along on my capelet than I thought. WhooHooo....10 rows ahead, which has officially placed me in the homestretch with about 60 rows to go. Not to fear, I am on the decreasing portion, so every fourth row or so, I will decrease 36 stitches. At the end, I will only have about 70 stitches left on each row. That is not much for me especially since they are mostly knit stitches and cables.

Once I finish the capelet, I will most likely start a sweater for the pooch. Yes, that cream colored angel that protects all of my crafts. He is blowing his coat these days and there is white hair all over the place when he shakes. It's like a snowstorm.

Speaking of snowstorms, we got quite a few snowflakes in our area. My poochies first snowstorm. He loved it! What a riot when he trotted through the snow. He kept eating the snow that he thought was getting away. He is a hoot.

Other than that it seems that my projects are lining themselves up for 2009.
  • Sweater for poochie
  • Christmas Cross Stitch Stocking for a very special person
  • Scarf for another very special person
  • Disney Neighborhood R & R
  • Personal Seasonal Cross Stitch Exchange

So far, so good. I am seriously thinking about stitching Lizzie*Kate's 2009 Double Flips. Next year it will be Halloween themed. I really think that they are soooooo cute. Should I start a SAL next year for it? Let's see....I think that it would be a great idea.

Another thing that is on my mind is making this blog better. I want to blog more next year and post more pictures of my projects. I love to see the day by day progress of projects. I think that it brings them to life. Not only that, but my foreign friends would be able to see pictures of my work and maybe identify with my blog a bit better.

My LNS is having an After Christmas Day Sale on leaflets, kits and selected fabrics. I expect to pass by and pick up some fabric. I am going to need to replace the Jobelan that I will use for the Christmas stocking. I don't expect that she will have the Lizzie*Kate 2009 Double Flips in yet. That would be great if she did. Maybe I could pick up a few of the 2008 Christmas Double Flips as well. There were a few that I really liked of that series and others that were not my cup of tea. So, let's see what happens.

Feeling a bit chatty today. Hopefully this state of mind will continue into 2009 so that my blogging become a bit more dependable.

Finally, and most importantly, I wish to thank everyone that passes by my blog. I see that a few international readers drop by and I do hope that in someway, they enjoy their stay even though I have not translated my site in another language. For my domestic readers, thanks for spending a bit of your time with me. Words cannot express my gratitude to all that take a bit of their day to read of my crafting adentures. Please feel free to leave a comment or two, knowing that I will answer them in the comments section as well.

Stitch one, stitch two.......

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