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Sunday, October 12, 2008

What was I thinking??!!! Needlework Vent......

My brain must have been suffering from severe delusions of stitching grandeur to think that I could even do justice to a Disney Neighborhood RR. Pulling out my Disney stash just served to verify that I was certifiably bananas.

To start, I have a yard of blue Lugana, which I am starting to think is a 25 ct instead of a 28ct. I started basting the lines for placement of the castle and I am begining to dislike the fabric already. The castle is HUGE, only because it is the real Cinderella Castle from a Stoney Creek kit. There alone we are looking at 1/2 of the fabric being taken up by the castle. (Think vertical). So my brain and I get into a heated conversation which went like this:

Brain: " I have done some storming and I think stitching the castle over one is the best solution."

Me: "Are you KIDDING???? Do you have any idea how long that is going to take?????

B: "Well, it is going to look great once it is done. Also maybe to make it interesting you can half stitch a bit of it so that it looks dreamy. If you tweed the stitches, it will look great!!!!!!!"

M: "Now I know you are delusional! It is going to take me FOREVER to stitch just the castle. How do you expect to get to the neighborhood homes???? It's going to become another UFO."

B: "Hey, don't call me names! I can only storm once a day. Plus, I am sure that we can come up with something once we figure out how to situate the castle. We can do this!"

M: "You think? "

B. " Yup, I think, that is what I do best."

And so there you have it...... this is why I have not been able to stitch as much as I have wanted to. My brain imagines things that my hands and eyes are not able to execute in one lifetime. Thus, I lose motivation.

This time, I am going to be as delusional as my brain and think positive thoughts and LOVE what I am creating. Staying motivated to see the next step and bring the idea to life. In order to do this, I have started a Disney RR journal. So far I believe I have filled 8 pages. Some of the pages are:

  1. Designs I have available in my stash.
  2. Possible RR Names
  3. Neighborhood Ideas (includes my drawings and internet pics)
  4. Border Ideas
  5. List of Disney homes I have available

Writing these items down gives me a perspective of my thought patterns and ... allows my psychiatrist to up the dosage of my meds :) which I hope go to massive doses so I don't experience the twitching... (just kidding.... I am stone sober, I don't have the money to pay a psychiatrist to listen to me, let alone read of my psychotic behavior lol) .

Other than this, I am extremely sane and feeling overwhelmed that I may have to stitch the castle over one. The only good thing about the pattern is that there are lots of large one color blocks. The backstitching required will be the fodder for another heated discussion with my brain.

Well, there you have my stitching life in October so far. Halloween is fast approaching and I have nothing stitched for it. Little progress is being made on my Breast Awareness pieces, even less progress on my Christmas piece and my WIP has been deprived of my attention. So far, the only progress I have made is on listing my ideas for my RR.

See you soon!

Stitchin' and listin'......


Jo said...

this sounds like an amazing rr to do...what disney homes do you have available? Are they packaged charts or from magazines? I can't wait to see it started

Miss 376 said...

You've done well to keep going thinking like this, and I am sure your brain is correct and it will look lovely stitched. Look forwrd to seeing it

Karin said...

How fun to do to Disney RR. I believe we both are on Let's Stitch and you can see somewhere on there my Disney UFO :-) I wanted to stitch a lot of Disney characters on one big piece. Looking forward to seeing your RR.

Karin in NJ