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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good News, Good News!!!!!!

Feels so good to finally say.... "Great News!!" Seems like there are still honest people in NYC!!! Imagine that? The mailman brought really terrific news yesterday in the shape of a wallet. Must send a huge thank you note to the person who mailed it back.

I celebrated by searching through my cross stitch fabric stash and selecting a piece for my Neighborhood RR. As unlikely as it may seem, my cross stitch fabric stash is not as abundant as my quilting fabric stash. Did I just type that?? There are only two fairly short rectangular boxes and a medium sized bag of evenweaves in all sorts of colors which never seem to be appropriate enough for the project I look foward to stitch. Thus, back to purchasing more.... but, not this time.

Many years ago, I purchased a yard of what I believe to be 28ct. Wedgwood Lugana. Like a good little stitcher, mumbling under my breath, I managed to baste the edges by hand. ( Yes, I do have a sewing machine which I have never used. Did I just own up to that?) Basting is not my favorite pastime to say the least, but I would rather that than see my fabric unravel bit by bit.

My Neighborhood RR is really exciting me. I was able to find my focal building and count out the stitches that I am going to extrapolate from it. Next, I will baste the location area on my piece and figure out if it is a good fit, if not, the frog will come and I will unbaste to rebaste. Lovely :(
So, I will definitely try to do it right the first time.

Tomorrow I will go and purchase DMC floss for the project. Although I have enough DMC stash, I want to purchase the same dye lot that way, things look even and not have a mottled aspect. I really dislike when the floss intensity does not match. I am very peculiar that way.

On the crochet front, I was able to complete my turquoise blue scarf. I call it my "Donald Duck" blue scarf. It is really pretty. People have commented positively on it and I am a happy crocheter looking for my next fix...er.... project.

Still on the hunt for a new camera. Half of me wants to purchase one right away and the other half wants to wait for Black Friday when the sales start. (For non-USA readers, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It is called Black Friday because that is the day that retailers finally show a profit and are in "the black" vs. "the red". Most of us just know that it is the day the great sales are on for electronics and maybe clothing).

My October goals are not coming along well. Although I have found the Christmas piece I want to stitch, I highly doubt I will find time to stitch it, so I will have to replace it with another.
Very little stitching on my Breast Cancer Awareness piece has been done and "The Salute" stitching this week has been non-existent. Of course I am not proud of it, so I am hoping to stitch a lot this weekend. The RR basting was a start.

That is it for now kids. Off to count those stitches.........

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