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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is less more?

This afternoon I went to my LNS and picked up a few threads and Mill Hill beads. Nothing project related, just "like" related. I must be in my green/yellow period because I picked up 3 Weeks Dye Works, # 2146, Eucalyptus which reminded me of Needle Necessities Island Butterfly. Two other WDW's that I picked up were #4123 Celebration and 4139 Bethlehem. Now I have three of each which is my usual amount of overdyed floss purchases. The reason for this is that because they are not for a specific project, I want to have enough when the need arises. There have been many times when I don't have enough and when I go back to purchase another, the color has either been discontinued or does not look the same..... so three it is.

Sticking to my green mood today, I also picked up 2 of the DMC Variations #4045 which is a really pretty jungle green variation hue. It is pretty because it is not too yellow and not too dark green. It is just right.

Adding to the haul were 3 packets of Mill Hill beads in purple, pink and bluish-green along with 4 pink heart glass treasures. These I will use whenever I need a pick-me-up on a biscornu. I really like the beaded edges that lots of stitchers are doing these days and I am looking forward to that challenge on one of my upcoming biscorni.

As you know, I have signed up for the Me Myself and I Neighborhood RR. Today I went through lots of my Disney magazines looking for neighborhood items to stitch. Thinking about the layout is making my head spin. Half of me wants one thing and the other half wants to be different .... but how different and still look plausible is my dilemna. Of course none of the items are perfect for the neighborhood, I have to cut and paste and switch and look and hopefully come up with a realistic proportionate neighborhood. Most of all I want to be creative and put as many Disney characters on it along with their homes. I want it to make sense, be symetrical, pretty, unique and special. Maybe it will be a focal point to a future Disney corner.

For now, I wonder if less is more where this RR may become a focal point for other neighborhood offshoots or should this piece be a WOOOOOW piece filled with a plethora of Disney character trivia. Most of me is looking to stitch that WOOOOOOW piece.

Stitching thoughts together.......

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Vickie said...

I came across your blog by accident. I LOVE disney....would you mind sharing your ideas for your Disney neighborhood? I would love to know wehre you find the houses!!!!