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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Viva Francia

My Eiffel Tower on Farmville

Yes, it is getting nicer. I think so anyway.

I dream of going again soon. It's the $$USD that is keeping me away. Paris calls everyday although I am thinking of Provence as well. When we go, we like to stay at a hotel near EuroDisney (or whatever Disney is calling it these days). That is because we love Disney and Parisian hotel prices are extremely expensive. When we stay near Disney (Marne La Vallee) it's a 4 minute bus ride to the train station and then it's straight to Paris. We enjoy the city so much. Next time, we want to stay longer. Let's see if Air France decides to have a really nice sale. This is not to say that Paris is France. No....I do understand that. It is just that Paris is the easiest city to reach from NYC (JFK-CDG) non-stop. I am sure that if I knew of another gorgeous area near Paris which was a little less expensive and touristy I would love to go and enjoy their French flair.

When we fly, it is our preference to start our vacation using that country's airline. It makes the experience most authentic to us. I particularly enjoy the Duty Free shopping best. There are a a few places that I wish to visit, France, of course, Barcelona, Koln, and Rome to start.

Thinking that my bedrest is coming to an end. I only have one little item left from the litany of complications. That in itself is a blessing especially since the good weather is coming up.

I have searched through many stitching patterns and I am spoiled for choice. I can't choose anything it seems because everything is so lovely. But, I will and I must for Easter is approaching very soon and my sweet lady needs a stitched gift.

French stitches to all.....


Marylène said...

Hi Maria !

You know what ? I'm in holiday for 2 weeks, in Provence, at Aix-en-Provence !!!

The weather is very fine, sun, blue sky and it's happiness !

Hope you are OK and the baby too ?

Marylene from France

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Okay, I am soooooo jealous! Well, at least if someone is living my dream it might as well be you since you do live in France.

I hope that you are having a great time. Enjoy every minute. Have a chocolate with strawberries crepe for me.

Gros bisous mon ami....