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Friday, March 19, 2010

A few things to share

Inside of crocheted sweater

Front of crocheted sweater
Finally, a picture of one of the sweaters that I crocheted for my daughter. I have not tried it on her, but when I do, I will certainly post pictures. (I heard that.... you will see them before she reaches the age of 21 years old....LOL). Yes, I know I am stingy with the pics. I shall do better, I promise.
Now, I pose the question of the day:

Have you ever purchased a magazine just for one chart that you just had to have?

Today I did that. Not because there was a chart that I just had to have but because there was an alphabet within a chart that I just could not do without. Mind you there were a lot of things that I did not like about the whole design, but the alphabet and the border did me in.
I also picked up a VOGUE knitting magazine because I loved the scarves and the awesome stitches that I had never seen before. Thing about knitting is that if you use the right yarn / thread, the items look so rich and wonderful. Use the wrong yarn and they don't look as sharp as the magazine shows them to be. You know what I mean.
Those were my two purchases for the month so far. I don't believe there will be more because I don't feel that I deserve to shop if I am not stitching. The guilt is overwhelming, so I have to stitch something. Need to show willpower.... Well, I have also asked my mom to pick up a few European magazines for me while she is there. So, technically, there are more purchases to come. So, I guess I don't feel overwhelming guilt, but I do have to stitch something in order to rationalize my stashing.
It was a beautiful day here and the first true time that I decided to go out to the porch and soak in some sun. Just leaving the bed was a treat. The sun beaming down on my face felt good and I enjoyed spending the time with my daughter outside. Hope that my good luck continues with this recovery and I can enjoy Spring.
That is about it for today. She is sleeping in her bassinett. I may get to stitch something yet.
Good stitching to all....

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