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Monday, September 29, 2008

Choices, Choices and More Choices make me CRAZY

Remember when I wrote about signing up for the Me, Myself and I Neighborhood R & R? Well, I signed up today and have been going through magazines ever since. Nope, not the New Stitches or the Quick and Easy Cross Stitch mags, I went to one of the mother lodes. It is the Rubbermaid 20 gallon tote that is in one of the corners of one of my closets. In it are my some of my Baby Camilla, Stoney Creek and other international magazines along with Disney magazine freebies.

What can I say, I can't say no to a good cross stitch magazine. There was no way I could get through the two tall stacks, but I was able to pick out a couple of great items from the one stack I perused. The best things about going through stash are the OOH's and AHH's that invariably leave one's lips when looking and fondling.

Some of the wonderful items that I found were:
  • A-Hunting We Will Go ~ Stoney Creek Collection ~ c. 1993
  • Stoney Creek Collection Magazine ~ Jan/Feb 1994
  • Walt Disney Characters in Counted Cross Stitch ~ Paragon Needlecraft ~ c. 1980
  • Disney Classics ~ Designer Stitches ~ c. Disney (no copyright date)
  • Toy Story and Beyond ~ Leisure Arts ~ c. 2004
  • Cinderella Castle Kit ~ The Art of Disney ~ c. Disney
  • The Happiest Celebration on Eart Kit ~ The Art of Disney ~ c. Disney
  • Past, Present and Forever Kit ~ The Art of Disney ~ c.Disney

Okay, you guessed it, I am a Disney freak! I do have lots of Disney cross stitch and have to stitch some or most of it. Let's face it, I would have to live till 1000 years of age to stitch 1/2 of the things I have. Don't worry, there are people that have much more cross stitch than I do.

So, after all this "research" of cross stitch patterns, I decided to have a Disney themed Neighborhood R & R. I could also have a Toon-Town themed R & R since I have lots of Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera, Snoopy, DC and Marvel character cross stitch patterns too.

You see all of these choices are making me CRAZY!!!!! Must decide on something because my "contractors" and "blue prints" must be in place by December 31, 2008. I can't wait to decide on a theme. I want it to be special and very "me". Let's see what I can come up with.

Thinking about x's......................

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CRcr said...

Hi! I found your blog when searching for Art of Disney Cross Stitch.I've been looking for the castle and can not find it ANYWHERE!!! I would love to add Cinderella's Castle to my collection. Probably a long shot... but if there is anyway you could copy and send to me that would be GREAT!! I'd be willing to trade for a copy of the Puppy Love chart! I have done Self Portrait too, but not sure where the chart for that one might be.

-Ruth jozwiak02@hotmail.com