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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Re-read some of my own blog

For the last few months I have been reading other people's blogs and loving it. Today, I re-read my own older posts and I must say that I liked them. They made me remember why I started this blog and why I should blog more often. I am inspired to jazz up my blog by reading other blogs, but so far, I think I have done a good job.
There is much more to do, most importantly to stitch. To that end, I have posted a WIP.

My WIP, The Salute, is an OOP design by Color Charts. It was a UFO this morning. Today I worked a bit on it which made me realize that I still like it even though I purchased the chart over 15 years ago. I think longer, but then I would date myself.

My tastes have not changed much, I still love patriotic pieces and the more difficult cross stitch pieces. As always, Disney patterns are still my favorites. So much so that I am thinking about opening some of my Art of Disney kits and starting to stitch them.

On another blog I saw a stitcher starting a Disney Round Robin. It is soooooo cute. I really enjoyed her "Doc". That started a whole slew of ideas in my mind and I have to start putting them in motion.

I was able to finish the USA hat that I posted a few weeks ago as a WIP. It is very nice. I enjoyed stitching it and will probably stitch it again.

In my fabric stash I have lots of patriotic cotton fabrics and am thinking of using them to back my patriotic smalls.

There is a biscornu orange variegated top that I have stitched and hope show next time as well. I need to start stitching the bottom still.

As you can see I have lots of hope to stitch more and more. I will turn on that "stitching battery" and come up with great finishes... I promise you and I promise myself to relax and stitch.

Wishing you lots of stitching time .....

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Quirky said...

Hello Cross Stitch Queen,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I've given you a Kreativ Blogger award. You can see it over at http://quirky-quilter.blogspot.com/