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Monday, January 30, 2012

Do you like Aida?

For so many years I had a stash of it and never used it always opting for 28ct. Jobelan. Yesterday I picked up a piece of Charles Craft Aida 14ct because the holes were easier to see.

Part of me feels weird because it has been so long sice I have stitched on it, but it is so easy! I am actually stitching something!! Better something stitched than nothing at all, right?
That is my story and I am sticking to it. I am also switching out colors and scrunching the Aida to soften it.

Giving in little by little, glasses are in my future and I have to make peace with that. I have noticed that my stitching mojo comes back when I can see!! The 26-28 ct needles are also too small for me to thread. I used to see those holes, now I need a magnifier to thread.

By end of February I will have glasses. First comes my DS' broken nose fixing. Yeah....all these years without an ER visit. Well, guess that somethings can't last forever. Glad I didn't lower my coverage last year. I was sorely tempted!! I admit it!! Sky high premiums and good kids tempted me. Decided to keep the costlier but better coverage and I am happy I did.

Although things have been challenging I feel blessed. My DS only has a broken nose and it can be repaired. My eyes aren't that bad and glasses will take care of them. We are all healthy.

You are reading this keeping me company. What else can I want?

Simple stitches .....


Joysze said...

I do stitch in Aida. For certain a projects, they work great! In the recent years, I have to ar my glasses when I stitch. I have astigmatism and my optometrist told me that I always have to wear glasses when I'm on the puter or tv or reading, etc. Haven't listened till about a year ago, when I had to have them on during stitching or get a headache.

Getting old sucks. Lol

Mouse said...

I had to laugh at this as I haven't stitched on aida for years either and I did a floss toss for a TP and liked the rustico Aida 18 count for it ..... so I started to stitch and not finding it easy ..lol I keep wanting to go over two threads !!!
sorry to hear DS has a broken nose won't ask how he managed that ..lol and glasses are great ;) love mouse xxxxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

If I am stitching on a piece which is solid stitching, ie HAED or the such I will use Adia, simply because it is easier to see and count and in the end it is solid stitching anyway so why not make it easy right off the hop.?. Everyone has their own personal choice but my theory is the KISS theory and it works around here..
Be always in stitches.

cucki said...

it is also a long time i didnt stitch on aida..but it is always fun to stitch on it..
hugs and happy stitching xx

Lynn said...

Things will be so much better when you get your glasses. I've worn mine now for about 7 yrs and it has made stitching so much easier. It's amazing how fast one can stitch when they can actually see what they're doing, lol! Unfortunately I lost my vision care when I retired. That is one of the only things that is no longer covered in my benefits.
I've been away from Aida for too long now. I'm afraid I find it too stiff to stitch with now.

Beth Pearce said...

I can only stitch on aida, my eyes won't allow me to do otherwise. So, since it is aida or nothing, I choose aida!