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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My friend received her Personal Exchange!

She likes it, she really likes it and I am blushing. I'm shy. But, she really likes it! That is what is most important. She put pictures up on her blog which is great because after a few stuffings, I gave up with the picture taking. lol.

I sent her a few things and I would have sent her more if it would have fit. I believe in stuffing those envelopes like a turkey.... lol......

Here is a pic of the stitched ornament. I changed all of the colors.

Taken from: 555 Little Sayings in Cross Stitch
c. 2000 by Chapelle Limited
designed by Marie Barber

For more pictures of our exchange please go to Lucy's page.

On a stitching note: I have been working on my Santa Stamp. Lucy and I will have an informal Christmas SAL together. That way we can encourage each other on our year-long Christmas stitching without feeling the pressure of getting them done.

Wishing you non-pressured stitching.....

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Miss 376 said...

Don't you just love it when they like what you do, such a relief.