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Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling a Bit Better

....and now my camera is missing. Well, let's just say, "I don't know where it is." So, because of that, I am going to list the items I received from my friend Lucy as my part of our Personal Exchange.

Lucy was very generous, here are the items that I really have no words for which to thank her. She showed great generosity of not only her time but of her friendship as she chose so many beautiful and gorgeous things.

Lana's Stop Knitting Magazine -- I can't even begin to tell you that I don't know which pattern to start first. They are all so lovely and feminine...... great choice.

Disney Cross Stitch Magazine -- Another WOW item. I am humbled to receive such a wonderful magazine. I will surely use one or two designs for my Disney Neighborhood R & R.

Antique Heart Frame - Reproduction of a beautiful antique, romantic wood frame. Very pretty ivory heart that is ready to frame one of my treasured pictures.

Two organza ribbons -in light blue and wood rose, perfect for ornaments.

Two Lacy ribbons - Antique looking, cottony, lace, ivory ribbons that would look gorgeous if used on the SALexandre project.

One pink rose ribbon trim - Also very pretty as a trim on pillow ornaments.

A jingle bell - Although a simple bell, it brings so much joy when I hear it jingle. It is very antique looking, so much so that one can actually imagine Santa Claus has one just like it.

A dozen Pearl head pins - Awesome for pincushions, pinkeeps.... all sorts of needlebook items....... just great!

Six brown ivy etched buttons - Extremely antique looking. I love the ivy that is etched on the button itself. Great for biscornus and knitted sweaters.

DMC Sampler Book - So if all of this is not more than enough, Lucy sent me a Sampler book published by Mango Pratique that is absolutely divine. I have 4 favorite samplers: The Camel sampler (well, that is what I call it since it has 8 camels and I love camels. The Halloween Sampler is just beautiful. A Sweets Sampler with lots of candy and lollipops and Monochrome Music sampler done in red with classic piano in the middle...... just awesome.

Flower Fairies - Stoney Creeks Flower Fairies foldout that was given as a gift with magazine purchase in Europe. I can see myself stitching a few of these flowers.

A VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLAS - I have left the best for last. This was my stitched personal exchange piece. I believe it is a Prairie Schooler design. Lucy stitched it over one thread. A true gem. Precious, just precious. I am so amazed by the stitching. I love it! On the back she stitched our initials. I am just thrilled, thrilled to bits. I don't know what I did to deserve all these gifts, but I am happy that I get to keep company with such a wonderful friend.

Of course I will take pictures right after I find the camera. Other than that I have been stitching. Many stitches were put down on my Christmas ornament piece, Santa Stamp. I have also stitched quite a bit on my Disney Neighborhood R & R and much stitching was done on my Winter Personal Exchange piece for Lucy.
Warm stitches to all ...........................


Theresa said...

glad to read that you are feeling a bit better. your gifts sound fantastic. congratulations

Miss 376 said...

That sounds fantastic, a real treat

Sherry said...

Oh I hope you will post a picture of the Disney Cross Stitch Magazine. I'm thinking about making something special/Disney for a friend. I could use some help with ideas.