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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gifts from Up Above

There are some gifts that are so easy to overlook because they are so basic, but upon further inspection, they come to light as what they are, gifts from above. Today I was thankful for those.

A beautiful sunny day! Finding a snack in my local grocery shop for which I had searched two years. Weird, right? Well, about two years ago, one of my co-workers brought Peruvian snacks to work. They were so good, I started my hunt. I did find them in a small area of NYC where there is a great concentration of Peruvians, but it was really out of my way. You know, one of those places that you don't pass by on your daily routine. The only thing that I could do was ask my local grocery store which has a great concentration of Latin products to order some and stock them. On every opportunity I had, I would look and look, but never any to be found.

Today, two years later, I went, by chance to pick up the most wonderful croissants on this side of NYC (well, they are the best I found around me) and passed by the Latin aisle. Blinked a few times because in front of me on the clip display were 8 bags of Habas Fritas. I picked up 4 bags. They are an acquired taste. Not everyone, okay, no one in my family likes them, but I do and that is okay. They last longer that way. That was a huge gift from above today. I am thankful for it. To me it meant the world, sometimes it is the small things that make one's day.

On the personal front, today I wanted to be a better person. It is always usual for me to be honest even to my detriment. That is how I am. People tell me, I have to stop being so honest, don't put all my cards on the table. Let's face it, I am who I am. If I have to lie to get something, or play a mind game, I don't have all that energy to waste and it is usually not worth having. (Note to reader: Those thoughts were going somewhere, I can't remember right now.... think of it as a bonding moment. Maybe it leads to my next point in a disconnected way. LOL)

So, as I was thinking about putting thoughts into action, I received a call today from someone that I thought of as a professional contact. The call started as usual and it got personal, which humbled me because it reminded that no matter how badly you may see your situation, there are people that are going through worse and haven't verbalized it. I was also humbled to think that someone who I look up to would consider me a friend as well. I gave my honest opinion, thoughts and offered my assistance. One of my feel good moments of the day because I do believe that my honesty and consideration did truly show though our conversation. For me, it would have been hard to ask for help but helping someone does feel good. I have to remember that being asked to help is a gift. Sometimes by not asking for help when you need it, you deny others of the gift of helping. Hope that makes some type of sense.

Another point that I wanted to blog about today which happens to be a sort of "hot topic" on the news these days regarding Kirk Cameron and the comments he made on the Piers Morgan show. I believe that whether I stand with him or against him, he has the right to follow his moral compass. He shared his beliefs system with the world like others have done. He has done nothing against the law. Just shared what he believes in. It took alot of inner strength to share those beliefs because he must have known that there would be a backlash. "Different strokes for different folks"... that is what makes the world go round. Someone once told me, "There is a color for all tastes". I don't have all the answers and I can't pick everyone's moral compass, I can only pick my friends (sometimes my friends have picked me) and accept them for who they are.

Easter finery: Crocheted a beautiful cardigan style top for DD. Definitely will post picture tomorrow of this pretty cover-up. Hoping to blog more in the next few days. I am falling so far behind this year.

Friendly stitches.......

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lesli said...

Those little things are very easily dismissed...I'm so happy to see you noticed them. They make all the difference, don't they? :) Can't wait to see your cardigan top!