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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Rumor, A Rumor....Can it be??

Dear Diary:

Construction is progressing well everyone is happy on the site. My contractor, Maleficient, has spread the word about my upcoming neighborhood amongst her friends and it seems that in a few months we will start looking for a realtor. We need to find really great tenants!

Anyway, Maleficent called yesterday and told me a huge secret (.... so shhhhhh .... no one is supposed to know). It seems that a newlywed, well-to-do, power couple is interested in taking residence in the central housing location. From what I understand, they really like the color blue and have been searching for a place that they can call their "castle". Maleficent called them the Charming's. I have my feet, hands and fingers crossed that the Charming's love the place because it would be a wonderful boon to the neighborhood.

I am taping a pic of what the site looks like today. Just think, one day we can look back and see how it all started. By then, hopefully, another neighborhood will be on the way.
Stitch by stitch, row by row....

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Theresa said...

Oh I would love to move into your new neighbourhood. It looks like such a fun place to hang out.