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Friday, November 14, 2008

I am not perfect

These days I am knitting a capelet. Part of my love for knitting is based on the fact that I need to be present to produce every stitch. It is not mindless for me as crochet sometimes is because I am a slow knitter. That means that I really have to focus on every stitch pattern.

It is my opinion that while I am knitting that it is the only time that I am really present in the now. Usually, I am planning this, that and the other thing which takes me to another time. Knitting keeps me focused and the patterns are so beautiful that they satisfy my need for creating sophisticated handmade accessories.

While knitting my capelet, I have really understood that I am not perfect. Sometimes I don't follow the pattern perfectly. I know that some of the lacy effects will be lost and I continue to knit and try to correct myself in the next row. Why? I think it is a metaphor for life itself. People make mistakes and try to either correct them or learn from them and not make them again.

There have been so many times that I just want to rip the work that I have done because I notice that parts of my knitting are not perfect, but I don't because if I rip it once, what will stop me from ripping it again? After all the ripping, what will I have? Experience in ripping and trying to correct my knitting for sure, but I want more. By continuing to knit the capelet I will at a certain point in time finish it. The stitches and the finished project will testify that I understand that I am not perfect. That in all my imperfections true beauty lies. It will mean to me that as the yarn forgives me I have forgiven myself for not being the perfect knitter. I am perfectly imperfect in the same way that the capelet will be beautifully perfect. We will be part of each other's beauty and accept each other as such.

I will remind myself of this during the challenging moments and the extremely happy moments.

Wishing you challenging stitches....

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